WATCH: GoPro falls into pit of rattlesnakes

This may be the most terrifying video we have ever sat through in the office.

American YouTuber Michael Delaney strapped his GoPro on to the end of what looks to be a very long pole and decided to film a rhumba (yes we checked) of rattlesnakes.

Seeing the invader, the snakes become increasingly agitated at the camera’s presence and eventually strike out at it. The GoPro then ends up right in the middle of the pit as the rattlesnakes stare at it curiously.

Michael eventually retrieves his camera from the pit and is left with a very, shall-we-say, unique video.

Amazingly, since the video was unloaded last Friday over one million brave souls have watched it.

If you make it to the end of this then we salute you!



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