VIDEO: Wexford pub-goers band together to save hanging cat from horrendous fall

After leaving the Sky and the Ground pub in Wexfor,d some revellers came across a rather unusual scene outside.

Hanging from a first floor window, a local cat had managed to get itself into a spot of bother and was clinging to the window by the tip of its claws. The pub-goers form a plan as the poor cat cries in desperation and quickly spread out a big coat to catch the feline.

A couple of other ideas are thrown out, but that all goes out the window as the cat starts to lose its grip. Thankfully, there is a happy ending for all.

* Warning: There is some NSFW language in this.

Nice catch!!

Linda O’Brien caught it all on film and sent the video into last night.

It is nice to see the cat scamper away safety and we love how they congratulate each other at the end.

The next time a cat needs rescuing, we might just call on these guys. A purrrrfect save!



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