VIDEO: This Louth lad is selling an eyecatching Micra on Done Deal

Fancy investing in a 16-year-old Nissan Micra with a difference?

There’s an ad up on Done Deal at the moment from a Ciaran in Louth looking to sell what he calls a "Nissan Micra shorty".

Just take a look at it

VIDEO: This Louth lad is selling an eyecatching Micra on Done Deal

Pic via DoneDeal

Ciaran explains how he created it:

"Basically it’s a 99 four door micra one litre with the middle chopped out and joined back up… 28 inches have been cut out of the middle without going near the gear linkage or petrol tank so no major parts have been touched.

"Front and rear doors cut and joined together"

The car seats three with seat belts "because your (sic) driving from the rear seats".

Shockingly, the car doesn’t have NCT or tax and requires ’cosmetic finishing’. The seller suggests that it could be used as a promotional car or just as "a bit of crack for the vintage shows".

And here’s a video of it in action.

And how much will this beaut cost you?




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