VIDEO: Man battles escaped tiger in stairwell - with gardening tools

Andy Didorosi got one of the oddest phone calls from his buddy on Monday - asking for help with an escaped tiger in Detroit.

"I’m going to help a friend scare a tiger out of hiding in a staircase. Mondays are always odd," he posted to Facebook.

And that, in fact, is precisely what he did, following up with a video posted to Facebook.



"This feels like the dumbest thing we’ve ever done," is the first comment after the plan is explained, as the pair approach a staircase containing a fully-grown tiger on the landing below.

The tiger was there as part of a photoshoot organised in the industrial building - the ruined Packard plant in Detroit - according to the Detroit Free Press.

However, the tiger - despite the presence of handlers - got loose and made itself comfortable on the fourth-floor stair.

VIDEO: Man battles escaped tiger in stairwell - with gardening tools

Which is where Andy comes in, as the cameraman accompanying his stalwart friend armed with, er, gardening tools.

The original plan was to cover one would-be tiger tamer in a giant blue tarpaulin and use his garden strimmer to scare the animal down the stairs. Abandoning the tarp plan as unfeasible, the video shows him attempting to scare the tiger with the trimmer running (1:30 in the video) - which just made it angry.

The ingenious plan coming to nothing, the tiger was eventually coaxed back to captivity by the animal handlers.

It later transpired that the photography crew had never told the building’s owners about the presence of wild animals at the shoot - which also included two wolves - and they were promptly evicted.

And so, the odd tail of the Detroit tiger came to a purrfect conclusion.


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