VIDEO: Four blue sharks circle boat in Cork harbour

This probably isn’t something you’d like to see around your boat, especially seven miles off the Irish coast.

Seán Ronayne was sailing around Cork harbour yesterday when he noticed some unusual movement in the water.

Looking over the side, he was greeted with the sight of four blue sharks swimming around the boat.

Video via Seán Ronayne (Facebook)

"Four blue sharks circled my boat for almost two hours. It was a pretty amazing experience, after getting over the initial shock," he says. "The biggest of them was around 9 feet long.

"They were drawn in to some fish-heads at the side of the boat. Was pretty unnerving having these things circling me so close for so long. They were even coming out of the water grabbing at the dangling baits."

Even though blue sharks are relatively harmless - between 1580 and 2013, the blue shark was recorded in just 13 biting incidents, of which four ended fatally - we’ll still double check the waters before dipping our toes in the sea.


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