VIDEO: 10 Shocking facts about Coca-Cola

These facts about Coca-Cola may just have you think twice before drinking a lot of the fizzy drink in future.

A can of Coca-Cola contains so much sugar that it should make you vomit after ten minutes of consumption, but the phosphoric acid stops that from happening by reducing the sugary flavour.

In 2003 a health scare over pesticides caused legislators in India to call for a ban on Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Back in the day Coca-Cola contained an estimated nine milligrams of cocaine in each glass. It was removed in 1903 and replaced the next year using spent leaves which are the remains of the cocaine-extraction process and still leave slight traces of cocaine.

New Zealander, Natasha Harris, died aged 30 following a cardiac arrest. Family members were open about the woman’s unhealthy addiction to Coca-Cola and she suffered a number of illnesses years before her death. Her teeth had been previously removed due to decay.

These are just some of the facts mentioned. Watch the video for all 10 shocking facts about Coca-Cola.


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