These two Australians pranked North Korean authorities and took part in official golf tournament!

Two Australian polo players found themselves playing golf in a North Korean golf tournament after a bit of devilment.

The two lads were visiting North Korea from Beijing where they were playing in a polo tournament.

Morgan Ruig and Evan Shay, both 28, from Brisbane, emailed the championship and were accepted as players.

The boys pranked the authorities into thinking they were the Australian Golf team.

Evan told the Daily Mail Australia that they didn’t expect to be allowed take part in the competition: "We just emailed them really. I don’t think they’re massive on the internet over there so I don’t think they had many opportunities to research.

"We didn’t think we would actually be accepted."

However the pair were accepted and they went to North Korea to unofficially represent their country in a golf tournament in North Korea.

The duo decided to get green blazers made up with the Australian logo in order to look the part and lied about their handicaps.

The two day tournament, based at Pyongyang Golf complex, took place over a five day period where the Australians were chaperoned everywhere they went and were taken on official visits around the city.

Everything was going well, until they actually had to play golf, a sport they are not accustomed to playing.

"We didn’t do well," Evan said, "Our caddy said we brought great shame upon our families."



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