Jeremy Kyle show gets pranked by Cork comedian Ross Browne

Cork comedian Ross Browne rang into the Jeremy Kyle show with a scandalous predicament on his hands.

Ross, who has a slot on 96FM every morning, called up the infamous talk show with a worrisome query.

The poor man wasn’t sure if his new baby Lequandeese is really his.

How does he know? Well, he is not sure, but his baby is ’as black as the man from snakes on a plane’ while he and his missus Veronica are both white.

As well as that Veronica’s sister told him his missus is often disappearing for ’three quarters of an hour’.

Enough time to do some damage apparently.

Best bits include the cost of a DNA test which would cut into his money for cans ’priorties like’ and a guest appearance from the lovely Veronica who is convinced she is appearing on ITV’s The Cube.

All in all, not a bad sketch and a pretty good giggle to be got from it.

Have a listen.



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