CCTV footage shows moment couple hit by lightning while unloading their car

A Texan couple had a lucky escape when lightning struck their home on Sunday.

Kayla Powell and her husband, Tim, were unloading shopping from their car while one of their young sons looked on when the lightning hit.

The porch above them took the brunt but the charge also travelled through the car and hit the couple, with Tim getting the worst of it. He was knocked unconscious.

The scary moment was caught on their CCTV and Kayla shared the video to her Facebook. In the clip, the lightning hits as Tim is helping Kayla out of the car. He faints and Kayla then drags him to safety. Their young son was unaffected but looks distressed by the loud bang.

Tim says he only remembers a little heat and a white light.

"I was only being told what had happened because I don’t remember," Tim said.

"It’s one of those things you want to see what happened so you can understand it because you weren’t there for it. Or you were there but you weren’t conscious."

Tim told KTRE that he’s thankful that Kayla acted fast and made sure the children were safe, before dragging him inside.

"First thing she did was get the kids inside, and made sure they were safe before she tended to me because she knows I would’ve done the same thing," Tim said. "That was the biggest concern, because you never know."

A photo taken after shows the damage done to their porch.

The couple were taken to hospital and later released. They suffered some minor burns and bruises and are a bit sore but were otherwise unharmed.

Their car, on the other hand, is fried.

But Tim and Kayla count themselves lucky, with Tim saying:

"I definitely feel blessed, someone was watching for us on that day."



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