A sit down with Galway Football Captain Garry O’Donnell ahead of Sunday’s game

This weekend sees Mayo V Galway in the Connacht Football Championship Semi-Final at Pearse Stadium.

Supermac’s sat down with Galway Football Captain Garry O’Donnell ahead of the game.

Mr O’Donnell said that Tribesman GAA means being a “proud Galway person” and representing his “family and people”, especially when he plays for Galway.

“It’s something I enjoy and love since I was very young and the ultimate is playing for Galway or playing at the highest level you can and it’s something I really enjoy,” he said.

For the Galway Captain, the most enjoyable part is “the comradery with teammates and meeting new people and the training and the healthy aspect of it too” which becomes “nearly contagious after a while.”

His advise to young people in the sport is to "persevere, work on their skills and to never give up."

The Connacht Football Semi-Final throws in at Pearse Stadium at 4pm on Sunday afternoon and will be shown on RTÉ 1.


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