Witness the sights and sounds of the Tallow Horse Fair

On the September 3 every year, Waterford is treated to an event that has been going strong for over 100 years.

The Tallow Horse fair, founded in 1910 is one of the biggest annual events in the county and this year was no exception.

Taking place on Monday September 5 this year (because the 3rd fell on the weekend), the fair attracted buyers and sellers from all over with its numerous events and stalls.

The 'unofficial holiday' of the town is loved by the local people as well as those who come to visit with a festival atmosphere hanging over the day.

Tipperary man Liam Ryan  looking to sell a few horses at the fair in Tallow.

Watch at Tipperary man P.J. Fanning  makes a deal with loads of hand slapping in this trade

Horse trader Miley Cash from KIldare chatting about the horse market


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