VIDEO: Nightmare Realm is where nightmares come back to life

From crypt zombies to crazed butchers and from chainsaw-wielding maniacs to deranged little girls, this year’s Nightmare Realm is, as ever, a sight to behold.

But with an overall theme of the ‘Rotten Village’ and a strict over-13s policy, this, one of the country’s most terrifying scare houses, is not for the fainted-hearted.

The Realm’s first victims went through the experience earlier this week at an exclusive preview of the event, which officially opens to the public tonight.

“It was really scary, I loved it,” said University College Cork student Jessica O’Driscoll, who won tickets on the Nightmare Realm’s Facebook page.

“It was really different from the past couple of years I felt. There’s the whole rotten village theme and you start off in a sweet shop and you go through a graveyard, a hotel, an undertaker’s… It was a proper village. It kind of felt you were going through a story, you know?”

Jessica’s boyfriend, Colm Collins, a student at Griffith College , agreed, and said that it was a totally different experience to last year.

“It was very good,” said Colm. “The producers have really built on past years and improved the whole experience. The interactive rooms were very good.”

Co-owner of the Nightmare Realm, Karl O’Connor, said he was delighted with how the preview night came together and “can’t wait” until opening night tonight.

“I think it went really well, everyone seemed to enjoy it,” he said. “Some people came out sweating, others came out screaming, and others came out laughing. But the main thing is that people enjoyed it. A few people backed out at the very start, they tend to go up the stairs and their courage fades away.

“But the interactive rooms are a massive addition this year. Only certain people will get into them and you’ll get to go in, sit down for maybe five minutes while something happens.”

Ever the man of mystery, the organiser refused to give anything else away and said people should come down to the warehouse on Cork’s Albert Quay and see for themselves. If they dare.

The Nightmare Realm opens tonight at 7pm and runs until November 1. Tickets are €15 for adults and €13 for students. For more, see


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