Lusitania victim gets a headstone after 101 years

As part of the annual sinking of the Lusitania commemoration a headstone to Margaret MacKenzie Shineman was unveiled at St. Multose Church in Kinsale. 

Rev. Peter Rutherford gives the Irish Examiner a brief history on this grave which remained unmarked for 101 years at St.Multose Church in Kinsale, Co Cork. The Lusitania was sunk by a German U-boat on May 7 1915. 

The Lusitania was the world's largest passenger ship when it was launched in 1906.


Of the 1,962 passengers onboard the ship, it is thought that 1,191 lost their lives including 128 American citizens which proved a significant factor in the US declaring war on Germany two year later.

The boat had been on its way from New York to Liverpool when it was torpedoed.

Video by Dan Linehan



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