VIDEO: This kid became the youngest person to get a double hand transplant

A young American boy has made history by becoming the youngest person ever to receive a ’double-hand transplant’.

Eight-year-old Zion Harvey lost both of his hands and feet to a life threatening infection - when he was just two years old - that caused multi-organ system failure.

The complicated procedure was carried out at the start of this month by a 40-member team of doctors, nurses and surgeons during a difficult 10-hour operation.

Zion was already taking anti-rejection medication for a kidney he received as a transplant when he lost one of his own to the same infection that cost him his hands and feet.

Courageous Boy Receives World’s First Double Hand Transplant | NBC Nightly News

This made him the ideal candidate for the procedure at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

He previously received prosthetics for his feet and was able to do everything else kids of his own age were.

But he always had the same dream.

"When I get these hands, I will be proud of the hands I get," he told doctors.

The operation, which consisted of two donor hands being connected by blood vessels, nerves, muscles, tendons and skin, was a huge success.

In an interview a spokesperson for the hospital said, "Zion had already adapted to life without hands, learning to eat, write, play video games, and perform most of the activities other kids his age can do.

"But now, Zion should be able to achieve his dream of playing football."

Courageous Boy Receives World’s First Double Hand Transplant | NBC Nightly News

Zion now faces a long road of 'exhausting' physical therapy but the high spirited eight-year-old is more than determined.

When asked what his favourite thing to do will be when his bandages come off he gave a short yet heroic reply.

"Pick up my little sister from daycare, and wait for her to run into my hands and I pick her up and spin her around."

In a press conference following Zion's surgery, he had a few words for the team who helped give him his dream.

"I want to say to you guys, thank you for helping me through this bumpy road."

His mother Pattie Ray also spoke about her son who said the whole thing was a blessing.

"He's amazing in his own right. For me it's just like a blessing, I have been blessed with an angel."

Well done Zion, we all wish you the best of luck! 

Courageous Boy Receives World’s First Double Hand Transplant | NBC Nightly News


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