Video: Darren Topps 'struck by the potential' of Lismore Gardens

Cornwall native Darren Topps has spoken about the appeal of putting his own imprint on the historic Lismore Gardens.

It's been three years since Topps began curating the Co Waterford gardens, which have been giving pleasure to owners and locals for hundred of years.

"I was just struck by the potential of the place really," he said. "They were lovely gardens anyway, but certain areas looked like they were ripe to be redeveloped."

He has pledged not to change the gardens wholesale, however - planning to build around the more mature specimens at Lismore.

"Obviously working with the staff here and the knowledge that they have and you're learning about the stories of the place, you obviously have to be sensitive to that as well - it's not just a case of coming in, ripping everything out and starting again," he said.

He added: "For seven acres, there's a lot of horticulture going on - that's the great appeal of the place."


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