Testy times for Jose Mourinho

Q: On being under pressure and Chelsea’s start to the season:

A: “I like to be under pressure when I’m top of the league and the second (team) is one point behind. It’s the pressure I like. I don’t like the position we are in, but I cope well with it. I define (this) as the worst period of my career, with the worst results in my career. I get it as a fantastic experience – an experience that I don’t want to repeat. I want to finish tomorrow and start winning matches again.”

Q: What do you make of the FA’s decision to clear you?

A: “For the past two months I didn’t open my mouth and I’m going to keep it like this. One day I will speak and I will choose a day.”

Q: Were you concerned that, after the FA cleared you, chairman Greg Dyke commented?

A: “I’m quiet about it for a long time. I read and I listen and I watch and I’m quiet.”

Q: Do you think if you said something it might go away?

A: “I’m telling you, we can be here all day. My time to speak will arrive when I decide.”

Q: On whether John Terry will be selected against Southampton today:

A: “I don’t tell the team. Maybe you have some sources that can give you some tips. We trained tactically yesterday and today. So I’m sure some of you have some rats that can tell you what is going on.”

Q: On media comments on the players being frustrated by his methods:

A: “It looks like you (the media) are a bit of a prima donna that to be criticising the group becomes a drama. In here, we speak openly. We criticise people without any kind of problems and no prima donnas crying. Everybody wants to do well, everybody accepts the criticism. When you make a mistake you have to speak about it. You know what I call that, in football? Coaching.”

Q: On Branislav Ivanovic, selected despite poor displays:

A: “Ivanovic likes to speak with me and likes to speak with me about his mistakes. And he’s not crying, he’s not a prima donna. I’m critical with him and I speak with him about what he has to try to improve. I have no doubts he is my best right back.”

Q: On whether Chelsea can perform at the same level as last season:

A: “I think we can win every game. I told you that before Arsenal, I told you that before Newcastle, I told you that before Porto. We won, we drew, we lost. But it’s my feeling. We are capable as a team to win against anyone.”


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