Jose's luck holds as Blues battle November curse

Remember, remember - we’re shit in November - that ditty seems to be the case no matter our opponents, or our manager.

It was very evident from the early stages that this wasn’t going to go well. There was no urgency, no flair and no sense of purpose.

Even after we scored the opener, I had a nagging feeling that they were going to get back in to the game.

Until we played them yesterday I had forgotten exactly how big West Brom were. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not using their size an excuse to our shortcomings but the massive frames of some of our opponents highlighted the lightweight nature of a number of our players.

We also have to remember that Steve Clarke was Jose Mourinho’s apprentice for a few years and was perfectly placed to tactically counter anything The Special One would bring to the game..

What surprised me was the Clarke he didn’t go out to win the game, instead he set his team out simply not to lose.

That said, no one has come closer to ending Jose’s extraordinary record of never having lost a home game as Chelsea manager.

We can discuss the penalty but it would be pointless. Contentious decisions by their very nature are such that there are a number of views. Mine was that it wasn’t a penalty but nor was it a dive, merely a player losing his footing. It may be harsh on West Brom but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it as we have been on the receiving end of those decisions time and again.

Jose needs to work out a solution to this ‘double wall’ defence and the physical bullying that goes with it.

Personally I don’t understand why we don’t see Mikel starting more games — especially given Lampard’s currently indifferent form. Hazard too starting ahead of Mata baffles me.

There are increasing questions being asked of Cech’s status too. The mistakes are coming a little to often for my liking. He was - and is - a great keeper but as I have argued before — isn’t it time we recalled Thibaut Courtois? Of course Saturday was made all the more depressing by seeing both Liverpool and Southampton score a hatful of goals.

I’m no doubt over-reacting and I imagine that come May it will be the same old suspects fighting it out at the top of the league. But losing points and dropping down the table at this stage of the season does feel like it could be pivotal. All that said, who could have predicted both Manchester City and Tottenham losing? Jose is a very, very lucky man.

United’s victory has also ensured that a pretty average Arsenal side didn’t extend their current points advantage. I have irrational feelings of loathing against Arsenal. Everything about this smug club makes my teeth itch.

It would be monumentally unpalatable for them to win the league. We’d never hear the end of it from their fans, the same fans have all suddenly come out of the woodwork after being in hiding for the past eight years.

We’d have to listen to lectures of marble halls, corinthian spirit, class, the new invincibles — can you imagine?

I’m already sick of hearing about their “breathtaking”, “historic” and “stunning” win in Dortmund. Am I missing something here or did they simply win a group stage game against the runners up in the German league?

Anyway, we now have yet another international break. Hopefully it will also allow give Jose some time to figure out a way to get us past our current malaise.

This is turning into one of the most open title race for years and if anyone can string a decent run of form together then they’ll be in with a shout.

And with Lady Luck seemingly Jose’s companion this weekend, I wouldn’t rule us out.


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