Terrace Talk: Looking for answers? You’ve come to the wrong man

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp

More points against the top 10 than the bottom 10. We are unofficially cast adrift from sanity.

If all you have to do is write about football surely you’d have something to say whatever happens, but I look in the mirror and a gasping goldfish stares back. This is complete bewilderment now.

Last week felt like a full stop. I won’t apologise for the despair oozing from each sentence. That can’t be dismissed by one impressive win against a good side.

If anything, once the euphoria disappeared, you felt the anger rising again.

Better than the deflated surrender of recent weeks. Once you don’t feel anything, it’s the end and it’d be futile to pretend otherwise.

Anfield practically exploded after both goals. It meant something. Away from the crowd, away from the noise (what there was of it – Anfield is a strange place lately) doubts returned. Is this club ever going to achieve anything again?

Maybe this is the wild ride Klopp promised on day one and we must acclimatise. Living week to week on the off chance you’ll see something good – and when it’s good, it’s sensational.

In a week when people reminisced misty-eyed about the 5-1 v Arsenal, when Suarez was king and Liverpool looked a proper title threat, it’s worth noting this could’ve finished the same way. This should’ve been 4-0 in 20 minutes as well.

Sadio Mane has been missed. You type that out, look at it, think “too obvious” and then almost delete it.

No, leave it in because if it was obvious to us then why wasn’t it to Klopp and his bosses? That no kind of plan B was ever in place cost Liverpool big time.

Even by the hour mark the players were running on empty. They dug in and got the job done, aided by a toothless Tottenham giving an historic Tottenham Anfield performance.

Just imagine the Reds with an extra 10 games in Europe next season. It’ll be a lot like when Rodgers got into Europe. Too much, in other words.

This season was Liverpool’s best shot and they’ve blown it. See what I mean about euphoria swiftly evaporating?

Confidence is crucial and just getting the ball in the back of the net early on made a massive difference.

There are theories about Liverpool not having the game-plan for teams who sit back and let us pass ourselves to death.

I’m not having that. If we’d have done to Hull or Swansea what we did to Spurs in those opening minutes, do you think there is a remote possibility either could have lived with us?

Maybe January was necessary as some kind of football gravity. We weren’t that great and everyone needed their feet planted on solid ground again.

But the potential, my God. It’s there and only a fool could deny it.

Whether you think Klopp has it in him to build on that essence, bottle it then use it with automaton regularity, does it matter if the people in charge won’t make the commitment that’s needed?

Banning the Sun ‘newspaper’ last week smacked of everything they’ve done since arriving; short-term PR, nothing else.

Everyone realises a Pogba or even an Aguero is beyond us. We also know that’s never how we did things in the first place, but Klopp has a negative transfer spend and that’s idiotic.

Maybe they’re getting the new stand paid off quicker, but you can’t just ignore what everyone’s been put here to do. Win stuff.

When you see us playing as we did against Spurs, it’s asinine to say the talent isn’t there to at least build upon.

Sixteen days without a game now. It’d be nice (or naïve?) if someone, somewhere in an east coast American city perhaps, reflected for a while about what they do all this for.

Because it doesn’t feel like it’s the same as the rest of us right now.


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