Terrace Talk: Liverpool - Whether a mess or a Messiah, only time will tell

Everyone’s been squeezing the life out of Kloppmania, but guess what? There’s a match to get out of the way now. There’s always a catch, isn’t there?

The club had a range of merchandise suspiciously ready to ship within hours of his first press conference, blithely ignoring the fact it was Avram Grant who claimed to be The Normal One first.

There’s a t-shirt with that ‘gag’ on it now. You know the phrase “I wouldn’t be seen dead wearing that”? Well, somebody on the Kop is going to get his chance to test that theory to its literal limit.

There’s also been a doppelganger (how very Teutonic) wafting round town, misleading folk into fake photo opportunities. He’ll soon get bored once the bluenoses beat the living crap out of him.

Klopp has promised everyone a wild ride and seems to spend half his life giggling his head off.

You can be put away for that sort of thing, but football managers often get away with behaviour that’d get you locked up in real life.

The honeymoon’s not going to be over for quite some time and certainly not because we’re about to play a football match.

People aren’t daft, they know that even in these kneejerk times, Liverpool don’t just sack a manager unless the wheels are coming off.

It’s freaky that Tottenham are the opposition, given Brendan had an absolutely brilliant record against them. Five straight wins, in fact.

Just the sort of thing an eager press will feast upon if Jurgen should fluff his lines on his debut.

Which would be fair enough, were it not for another instant reminder of one of Brendan’s numerous foibles. When Spurs struggled to do anything with their Bale money, wasn’t it Rodgers who said a club spending a hundred million should be challenging for the league? That came back to haunt him so fast they called the Ghostbusters in.

I do feel sorry for him, though, amid all this euphoria.

It can’t be nice to know your exit was universally welcomed, celebrated almost. This is the manager who took a modern-day Liverpool title challenge to the final day, lest anyone forget. It possibly indicates how uneasy many were with Rodgers from the off. He immediately had to contend with the kind of “what have you done for us lately?” greediness that usually takes years for any Anfield boss to become afflicted by.

Is there a danger with Klopp then that his track record and charisma might lead to unacceptable results being accepted for longer than Rodgers’ ever were? Maybe, but few will claim he’s not worth the risk. Fans of the newly wealthy, newly successful clubs gave somewhat bizarre reactions to the news. Aren’t we supposed to be the irrelevant relic?

The more traditional powerhouses, Arsenal and United, seemed to be quite guarded about it all and sometimes even a little jealous. Piers Morgan even threatened to burn himself to death once if Liverpool ever got Klopp. Some people never keep their promises, though. If it’s for want of matches… The timing’s right. In one or two months’ time, other big clubs might be looking for their own messiah to sort their new mess out, but it’s a bit late now.

I don’t really mind the hysteria because a lot of it is justified, but after the storm comes calm. We needed a new boss because we were in a right old state. That ought not to be forgotten, as Jordon Ibe runs out of play with the ball or Lucas gives away his 30th free kick on the edge of the box or Sturridge starts limping.

There’s quite a lot to do. No Liverpool manager has ever been dumped before his time was up. There’ll be a few fans whining and muttering about St Rafa, but even that’s dependent on an awful lot of revisionism.

I wasn’t happy Kenny went, more the manner of it than anything, but you could see why they wanted somebody else.

Klopp gets the same temporary pass everybody else got, except Hodgson of course. So when Tottenham are running them ragged today and everybody’s laughing their balls off at us, remember: There’s a mess here alright. Whether there’s a Messiah, only time will tell. Lots and lots of it.


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