TERRACE TALK: Liverpool - When enough is enough: True fans right to rise up

What a week. LFC: The Soap Opera strikes again.

It was bad enough we didn’t buy any kind of striker in the window. They see the workload, see where the flaws are, but they spend nothing to even temporarily relieve the situation.

Klopp did the club’s dirty work for them by taking responsibility for Teixeira, deflecting from the fact nobody else was brought in.

Then you lose to Leicester. Not shameful by any means, but you watch how a goalscorer covers up the cracks and remember you still did nothing about it.

Oh, while we’re winding everyone up, why not announce big price increases for next season? Then send out Ian Ayre (the man who makes Ed Woodward look good) to insult your intelligence further.

It’s often speculated upon, the conspiracy theory of Liverpool supporters being used in a secret experiment designed to test the human spirit and see how far patience bends before it snaps completely.

Well, now they know. Thousands — estimated between 10 and 15 — just walked out of a game at Anfield. If they don’t realise what they’re dealing with now, they never will.

Nobody’s blind to the ways of modern football. Stands go up, they’ve got to be paid for. You want good players, they’ve got to be paid for. That’s how it works.

But write down all the names of the players we’ve bought in recent years that weren’t up to the task on first sight. That’s their rank incompetence we’re being asked to fund.

There isn’t a fan on the planet who thinks the huge TV cash injections shouldn’t be used to cut us a little slack. Not a lot; a little.

There isn’t a person on the planet who thinks clubs should be paying agents. They are player employees, the players should pay.

But the arrogance, the contempt, the greed, it’s a runaway train. Unstoppable it seemed, and yet it was clear on Saturday that thousands want to get off now.

The first half was awful. You’d vomit a lake if you counted the transfer fees and wages out on that pitch and bench in red and white. The two goals later on were all you’d expect against arguably the worst team I’ve ever seen play at Anfield.

It was obvious people were eyeing the clock, some a little apprehensive that the planned walkout would be a damp squib.


The chant rose up “you greedy bastards/enough is enough”, and then the exodus. We found out about Sunderland’s goals on the walk to the pub. I’ve got to be honest, I just shrugged.

Someone said “we’ll get the blame for that”. I prefer the word ‘credit’.

Everyone in football now wrings his hands, even Wenger (for all his faults, one of the better ones). It’s like this nadir has been reached by accident.

Nobody planned it, nobody can stop it. It just happens. Honest.

The obscenely-rich get richer, and those with hardly anything have to have that ripped off them. English football reflects English politics. ‘They’ believe they can do what they like.

If Saturday is not the beginning of something big, then it’s a massive opportunity wasted. If nothing’s changed, then it all comes down to personal choice; what are YOU prepared to do?

You get used to people crying about prices and stuff then sadly, meekly paying up. I may be wrong but I’m detecting something different in this. A belated admission that it’s no longer our club. The tide has turned and it’s too strong to swim against.

That means saving yourself, realising you had your fun when it was a proper sport and thankfully it was a time when your team was pretty damn good at it.

Who knows, this bunch of carpetbaggers might leave and be replaced by somebody who gets it. Pigs might also fly.

It was never about the wins, wasn’t just about the trophies. It was more, much more.

However, it’s almost all gone now.

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