Terrace Talk Liverpool: Sometimes you should simmer down and accept what you’re given 

Second in the league, in all competitions, regularly watching the best player in the world, life isn't so bad for Reds
Terrace Talk Liverpool: Sometimes you should simmer down and accept what you’re given 

Liverpool's Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, right, celebrates with Roberto Firmino after scoring his side's second goal against Brentford. Pcture: AP Photo/Jon Super

If you’ve checked my stuff out for years, you’ll know one thing; if there’s anyone in the world with no right to tell anyone to stop complaining, you’re reading him.

But second in the league, in all competitions, regularly watching the best player in the world; sometimes you should simmer down and accept what you’re given.

Yesterday saw some apathy and complacency, like we only need turn up to swat the likes of Brentford. Klopp must be incandescent sometimes.

It applies off the pitch too, more even. Yes, they self-burn with that atmosphere song – we don’t need any noise to beat you lot – but it wouldn’t do any harm to raise your game occasionally.

Maybe the example comes from the players, whose passing was erratic early on. Blame the visitors’ heavy press, which scuppered them in the second half as they’d wilted well before full time.

There was an irony with the aerial goals, since Brentford themselves are Wimbledon-lite, but anything will do while we negotiate January and hope the Africans come back to something worth fighting for.

Ox looked decent in Mo’s position. Perhaps that’s his problem? Anywhere else and he seems lightweight.

Despite Thursday’s, ahem, ‘woe’, it’s all to play for against Arsenal next week after all the first-leg commotion.

One of the stereotypes about Liverpudlians is a chip on the shoulder. Even if it were true, would it be any wonder? Every club has called for a game to be cancelled in the current climate, some have had a few, but the minute we ask for one there’s a storm of accusations about fraud.

That’s what I hate; a wave of victimisation followed by “always the victim”. You’re caught in this gigantic web of nowhere-to-go. That’s what it’s done for, obviously, but we see you.

There were sublime accusations. “Running scared”? Of Arsenal??? Fuck off. Just look at recent scorelines. We’d need to postpone until February to get Mane and Salah involved, anyway.

It felt like Gunners sniffed weakness and the opportunity to reverse recent misfortunes, so doubled down when they couldn’t get it.

Now they’re batting away similar accusations from Tottenham. Football fans, eh, don’t you just love ‘em?

I wonder if it was Arsenal who’d ‘suggested’ second leg home advantage be switched as a sweetener for calling it off?

Klopp the cheat is now manipulating independent medical checks, right? The idiocy never ends. Our fault for giving internet loons attention. I wouldn’t want our own ratpack of tin-foils being treated likewise. They’re screeching FSG Out again, naturally.

So Jurgen then picks a decent Carabao team for once, and what’s served up could be (charitably) described as slop. A bewilderingly toothless performance, that only made Mo’s agent smile.

Summer parsimony in the transfer market, particularly for midfield, came home to roost that night. It’s aggravating. If anyone should be immune from criticism for what they’ve done here it’s Henderson and Milner. Overuse has laid them out in the sun, for the vultures to devour.

And yet, the owners could if they wished point at the money spent on Thiago, Keita, and Oxlade-Chamberlain. They could justifiably ask why we can’t ever seem to rely on any of them, in what is the most industrious and physically demanding department.

Xhaka’s idiocy helped the visitors hunker down to a simple gameplan. The pace of our two missing strikers wouldn’t have meant much anyway, as it was never to be an open game.

We might’ve been better off giving the kids another crack at it, but obviously Arsenal aren’t Shrewsbury.

It’s not logical to expect a club to spend megabucks on plugging a gap that emerges one month every four years, but when did logic enter into it?

There’s been two defeats all season. You must go back to the European ban for a start like that.

The draws are killing us in the title race, admittedly, but I wouldn’t even write that off yet.

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