TERRACE TALK: Liverpool - Let’s forget about solidity and strap in for the ride

Yeah, just stop the football for a fortnight. It’s not like we’re playing like kings or anything… An international break this early is all manner of wrong. You’re frustrated either way; good run interrupted, stew on a bad result for two weeks.

Champions League got sorted, anyway. Decent group draw too, although I’d forgotten these things take as long as Abel Gance’s Napoleon.

There was good stuff against Hoffenheim obviously but that first half resembled basketball. Their end, our end, their end, our end.

I’m resigned to Klopp being Klopp; why worry? Defensive solidity, knowing how to close out a game, all that rigmarole — let that be the next fella’s problem and strap yourselves in. What else can you do?

Firmino was brilliant. He’s the one Barcelona would want if he could put more chances away. Nice to know we can play them and PSG off each other when the time inevitably does come to sell.

Hard to know where Klopp stands on anything. This current squad won’t make it intact to October surely, never mind January, but he produces pearls seemingly designed to hack people off.

“Milner in midfield, like a new signing”? He’s a Twitter troll, cackling madly thinking “this’ll get them at it”. Again, you need to switch off and not care but is that realistic?

Some see managers’ press conferences as worthless. They’re obliged to talk so they spew out any old rot to meet their obligation. It never means anything, etc.

Ah well, we’ll see on September 1 what it meant and didn’t. On Wednesday, Klopp turned to us after a goal and shouted “that’s football!” He’s doing a running commentary in his own head now.

That’s what we do to managers. It’s not like he was the poster boy for sanity before.

There’s only so much tiptoeing around Coutinho a man can do, in fairness. The next battle is likely to be him leaving for Brazil after we’ve told everyone he’s injured.

Some claim his advisors are to blame, customary footballer cowardice. Sterling was the same.

So Arsenal came to visit then, or rather some weird facsimile of them. Denied early snottiness about our European exploits, they’ll be watching us like hawks no doubt. Shame their team didn’t do it yesterday.

There’s been an edge since the whole Suarez fiasco. “Sell him to us, what can YOU do with him?” and the sly ‘extra pound’ bid never went down well either.

Childish giggling once we said “we’re not selling to rivals” and all that. When I was a kid in the 60s/70s Arsenal had a few lousy years but it never occurred to me they weren’t big.

Could be frenzied modernity I suppose, but you sense a nationwide desperation to write Liverpool off for good. Amusing when we’re doing well, irksome otherwise.

Klopp dropping Mignolet had no-win written all over it, for him or Karius. Next time anyone wants to talk about “Mourinho making it all about himself”, have a look closer to home.

Despite the rout he managed to scare everyone witless. Sarcastic cheers whenever he gets something right will achieve nothing, but he could learn to kick properly and nip it in the bud. Worth a shot.

Everything else was superb, all the forwards managed a goal and midfield was sensational. Not sure what Arsenal were playing at but ultimately damage limitation was all they really had a right to expect.

Salah’s another one whose finishing needs polishing, but how frightening will he be if he does improve?

Henderson’s got his mojo back. Good, because I hate it when people have a dig. I’ll confess to a contrary nature. Everyone loves Jurgen? Hmm, think I’ll reserve judgement, thanks all the same.

The moaning about Henderson just brings out a paternal streak no-one suspected was there. Draw the line at Lovren, obviously.

Great stuff, can’t wait for the next mat-…oh, I have to? Thanks. Thanks a lot.


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