Terrace Talk: Liverpool - Klopp didn’t use his bench until the damage was done

Fifteen years I’ve been doing this job and still not learned my lesson.

Last week’s blithering idiocy about professionalism was a full toss to an Aussie opener; just knock that out of the park for me, will you mate? Maybe next time wait until we put the shutdown on a decent team?

So the Sevilla comeback was a shock and not a shock. A neat trick, but this is Liverpool we’re talking about. All logic left the reservation long ago.

They threw another, smaller lead away against Chelsea. It must seem a little like downgrading ambition but I’d have actually taken a draw in each game beforehand.

If only they hadn’t happened so late and so obviously because there’s a vital component of the game we’ve no grasp of whatsoever. That’s smarts; the emphatic underlining of what this team and manager lack.

Fancy going to a ground a team hasn’t lost on for over a year and playing three forwards with Coutinho in midfield. He doesn’t back down from a challenge Klopp, you can’t say otherwise.

But there are practicalities to be observed. Why doesn’t anyone waste a few seconds? Why doesn’t anyone pretend to be injured and roll about a bit, only to rise like Lazarus whenever the ref’s about to call a trainer on?

Speaking of resurrections it would have to be Moreno who totally screwed it up and sent us down a path to ignominy. Handing them the Europa League wasn’t a big enough favour for your old team?

Too many believed in his resurgence. Just to clarify, Klopp himself played a right-footed midfielder at left back for a whole year rather than pick him; now he’s the new Maldini? Not buying it.

Because Klopp says he’s good, or implies it by continuously picking him and completely ignoring the left back he’s just bought that needs games, the acolytes follow.

Witness the bizarre, distractive social media beasting of Henderson, like there’s anything he could do to stop Moreno’s ritual disembowelment of the whole team.

To be fair he was better against Chelsea, considering what might’ve happened if he’d faltered again. True, he did a passable Schumacher impression late on. That blind backwards leap into the unknown could’ve been a penalty on another day. Not sure he’d have got out of the ground alive.

No, it was left to simple Simon to mess this up. A couple of steps back and an easy tip over? Nah, let’s just dive from a standing position instead.

What have Liverpool waited for with Mignolet? There’s no transition going on here. He is what he is, what he’s always been. Nothing so patient as club owners who don’t like spending our money.

Why I’m fair about Chelsea I’ll never know, they never are, but they didn’t deserve to lose. That’s a really good squad they’ve got; like the manager’s hair, you get what you pay for.

On the day, we had the bench to match but Klopp didn’t use it until the damage was done. He hasn’t much of a clue with rotation either.

The post-match dispute with the referee for not ‘allowing’ any alterations was embarrassing. Fabregas had been pulling the strings for a while and change was needed long before Klopp decided on it.

He’s well liked here, loved in most quarters, but it’s disheartening if he still doesn’t realise his inability to make ruthless decisions, use the squad properly or affect the course of a game himself is going to cost his job.

When so much about Liverpool is great, it’s a massive irritation. Grinning like a goof and playing up your leftie politics – Liverpool is a very bolshie gallery – can only buy you so much time.

Weird thing is; if we’d just been offered the draws without the need for any football we’d have probably grabbed them willingly.

Managing this club can be a thankless, illogical task can’t it?

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