TERRACE TALK: Liverpool - In his head, Klopp must still be on winter break

I was initially tempted to make last week’s disconsolate column feel like the Dalai Lama’s positive thinking app in comparison with this one.

TERRACE TALK: Liverpool - In his head, Klopp must still be on winter break

Why bother. Think they care? They don’t. Why should you?

This has been a very bad month so the urge to paint it black is strong.

I’ve seen Liverpool lose three home games in a week before. Roy Evans had to quit and Gerard Houllier struck out on his own but at least we knew we were awful back then.

This? Who’s got a name for this? A team that didn’t lose a home game for a year imploding this way is hard to take.

The worse the opposition, the better chance they’ve got. Work hard, stay organised, you’re more than halfway there.

Then you look at the table. If we’re so bad, so lame, how did we get up there? None of it makes sense.

Yes, it’s another congested January where Klopp couldn’t come to terms with his surroundings. In his head, he’s probably still on winter break in Germany.

Footballers you know will never win a thing tend to latch on to any excuse, real or imaginary. Tell them there’s too many games, they’ll droop immediately. Tell them Sadio Mane will be a big miss, they start thinking he’s been Maradona-plus.

The cups have been treated like inconveniences for years. Maybe that’s why we don’t win them anymore? Just a thought.

Everybody’s looking for answers because of extreme results. It’s hard to stay cool in such a feverish climate. The search for an ultimate truth begins whether you want to weigh in or not.

The irony of our modern-day feeder club, Southampton, swatting us aside like we’re nothing wasn’t lost on anybody. Next game they lose 5-0 at home. Of course they did.

There’s been the usual condemnation of the owners for not spending enough. The competence of most buys they have made needs discussing too. Any club buying Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing, Lazar Markovic, Mario Balotelli, Christian Benteke, and Georginio Wijnaldum for millions and millions of pounds needs significant change. It’s not working, clearly.

Why did they hire Klopp in the first place if they’re not going to let him try and repeat his Dortmund success? Would fans sit patiently for that, anyway?

His playing style is another matter. It clearly depends on huge physical effort. He needs the fittest players; he has to have the most efficient training system. We clearly don’t have them.

It’s obvious you can’t keep up that pace for two games a week, so you need a better squad and the ability to rotate cleverly. He hasn’t got those, either.

Klopp’s not blameless here. He’s been tactically outdone by more than a few coaches lately, but is he about to change? Probably not.

Mane will come back from his ‘holiday’ to find out we’ve poisoned the dogs and burnt the house down. Can’t leave us alone for five minutes, can you?

Chelsea are next and with rationalisation kicking in there’s a renewed confidence in our record against the best. We’ll give everything we’ve got against Chelsea. They’re worth the effort, y’see.

This is the wild ride Jurgen promised us on day one. The decade of Houllier and Benitez followed by the era of Rodgers and Klopp. Is it any wonder we’ve gone insane?

There’ll be lots of the aforementioned rationalisation once the season ends, probably tomorrow. That’s Liverpool for you, we go again, blah blah.

And the people running the place will smile. “Tell yourselves whatever you have to. We’re making money, whatever you think”.

One trophy in the ten years we’ve been run by Americans. Six trophies in the six years before that. I’m sure it’s just coincidence, though.

In fairness Liverpool had a lot of near misses in those ten years. It wouldn’t need a dramatic overhaul to turn it into a success. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

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