Terrace Talk: Liverpool - Enjoy it while it lasts... that’s going to be tricky

When Jurgen tells the band to play, they’re always guaranteed to raise a smile.

Well, almost always. Unless Roy Keane has Pele, Jairzinho, Rivelino and a time machine in his back garden he can kiss my arse.

I never shared the hatred of Cork’s Finest even in his silverware-saturated days, but this Panto Clough thing he does for British telly long wore itself out. God knows Liverpool have flaws, but being unwatchable isn’t one of them surely?

Three wins and ten goals in a week, you’d be churlish in the extreme picking holes in that. We’re even scoring from corners now; our own, as well as the opposition’s.

Mane was brilliant, although showing your hand to Senegal who ruptured him in the first place wasn’t so smart.

There’s the usual supporter mistake of thinking the player gets no say in all this. It’s his country (and the World Cup) after all.

Salah? We’re running out of superlatives, really. The likes of Firmino could be a world star if he just learned how to shoot properly but if that front three (and Coutinho just behind) gets going there’s no stopping us.

The rest of it needs fixing, sure, although I’m not convinced the will is there to do so. At 2-1, even 3-1, you’re on edge the whole time.

Joe Gomez seems promising enough yet he let their scorer get away from him. Then, a minute after we’ve restored the two-goal cushion, he gives the same player five yards in the box to almost score again. Madness.

Anyone in that team gets the ball, their head is up and they’re charging forward. Every. Single. Time.

How are you going to win anything like that? You know there’ll be days when little goes right so you need the ability to hunker down and grind something out whenever necessary. Saying that to Klopp feels like giving your dog a Rubik’s cube.

So enjoy it while it lasts, goes the refrain. That’s going to be tricky. In fact it’s agonising when you know part of what makes a team great is already there, staring you in the face.

This must all sound a bit Keane-y I suppose. The other frustrating factor is getting the first choice team onto the pitch in the first place.

Complaining about an overload in midfield one week, then they drop like flies the next. After these internationals comes a ridiculously convoluted period. How are we getting through that in one piece? Answer; we’re not.

Emre Can was also pretty good on Saturday but watching him now while his contract is slip-sliding away, knowing he’ll leave for nothing, will be hard to take.

When first mentioned a year ago nobody was bothered. He was pretty bad and the general consensus was “to hell with him”. Any story about him moving to Juventus provoked howls of derision.

Paying excessive wages no longer stems from performance. It’s all tied into sell-on value, based primarily on a club’s judgement whether a player can improve or not. We got this one massively wrong.

Keita’s coming in of course but in a world where Liverpool are unable or unwilling to spend like City or United, these lapses can prove fatal. They didn’t think Sterling was worth a big pay rise, either. Instead this club smugly tweets about industry awards. They’re mocking you now. There’s the nucleus of a great team there, one that wouldn’t have been flattered by a double-figure score-line on Saturday. Of course everyone’s blaming the opposition again. After Maribor, it’s become an annoyingly repetitive theme.

This tawdry existence of always wanting what you haven’t got and not cherishing what you have? It’s doubly painful for realising how futile it all is but being powerless to stop it. So for about the tenth time this year I’m going to resign myself to simply enjoying the Reds while we can. That will hold fast for two weeks, anyway.


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