Terrace Talk: Chelsea - It’s not paranoia if they are out to get you

Not quite sure where to begin to be honest.

Just because we’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they’re not out to get us.

Yes, I can hear you lot already, here she goes again with her talk of conspiracies and agendas etc. This isn’t about conspiracies as such, it’s far more subtle than that.

Most Chelsea fans won’t have had any issue with Matic’s two yellow cards – what we object to is the quite staggering inconsistencies we witnessed during the match. Not that you’ll hear of the constant West Ham fouls allowed by the referee, nor of their surrounding the ref demanding Matic be sent off (not that the official actually needed any encouragement).

West Ham committed 10 fouls, Chelsea committed 12, yet they get one booking and we get seven? Then let’s look at the disallowed goal. Prior to the TV highlights package programme we all tune into on a Saturday night, I saw a screenshot from a foreign channel which showed that Fabregas was (just) on for the disallowed goal, yet when we watch aforementioned TV programme, the footage has been frozen one frame further - seemingly showing him off.

The fact is Chelsea and Mourinho are being treated differently by the FA and referees, whether that is a circumstance of their own past actions is neither here nor there. Imagine if Mourinho had grabbed a player around the throat as Nigel Pearson did. Does anyone really believe he would have escaped punishment? Be honest.

How about if Jose had pushed Wenger and not the other way round? Mourinho was fined £10,000 for bringing the game into disrepute by using sarcasm in a post-match interview, yet Wenger can call a referee weak and naïve and not be penalised. Where is the consistency?

And let’s not even get into the fact that an Arsenal fan is often on the FA boards meting out bans and fines to Arsenal’s rivals….

Some (including some Chelsea fans) may say “well why doesn’t he just shut up?” But why should he? Why should he let these constant injustices go? It’s not within his character to do so and I am glad that he keeps demonstrating what a polluted, out-of-touch, bunch of megalomaniacs the FA have become.

All that said, I am beginning to get genuinely concerned about Mourinho’s state of mind at the moment.

He is obviously in a high -pressure job, and I imagine being a manager under Abramovich ramps up the pressure immeasurably. The team’s performance will be causing anxiety and consternation. You then have the English media baiting you at every turn, the governing bodies picking you out for particular attention and rumours of a rat in the dressing room. This coupled with a sick loved one and rumours of further issues in his private life and you see a man on the edge.

The sad thing is that the press seem to want him to break down – what a story that would be – picking over the remnants of a broken man, pontificating as to what could have possibly sent him over the edge.

This latest “storm” – where the papers have virtually insinuated that he assaulted a child who merely asked for an autograph – is a case in point. The truth is that two teenagers followed him for 20 minutes while filming him and constantly tried to interrupt him while he was making a private phone call. He at no time shoved, pushed or assaulted anyone, he simply tried to get past them and away from their intrusive behaviour.

Just because you are the manager of Chelsea, it does not mean you are fair game in every aspect of your private life and if it was anyone else than Mourinho there would be universal agreement on this.

Unfortunately there are too many people who take personal delight in anything that can be used as a stick to beat Mourinho with and equally there are those within Chelsea who are more concerned with our “image” than actual facts or mitigating circumstances. For that reason I believe the end is nigh as far as Jose’s second term at Chelsea is concerned.

A manager that the club did not truly back in the transfer window and a manager who has been badly let down by his players – some of whom are already making noises about leaving in the summer. Yes, I’m looking at you Hazard. Particularly galling as his form is part of the problem. No matter how good he is, we don’t need a player with no fight and no loyalty.

That goes for the fans too. The support at West Ham was superb, but if you are one of the bed-wetters crying all over social media, do us all a favour, stay at home. We only need those with the stomach for a fight. Come on Chelsea!


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