Remorseful Carragher battling for Sky future

Jamie Carragher has promised to “apologise again properly” over a spitting incident as he thrashes out his future with Sky Sports following his suspension yesterday.

The former Liverpool defender arrived in London to meet with Sky Sports bosses yesterday after he appeared to spit at a 14-year-old girl.

In a video of the incident, the teenage girl’s father repeatedly mentioned the score in the match between Manchester United and Liverpool from Saturday and Carragher is heard to say “Alright”, before appearing to spit at the car alongside his.

“I’ll speak to the family again. I’m sorry. I’ll apologise again today properly,” Carragher said yesterday.

Asked if he had seen the girl in the car, he replied: “I didn’t to be honest, she was leant back. I wish she wasn’t involved. I hate that she was involved more than anything.”

The former Liverpool defender described the incident as “a moment of madness” in an interview on Sky News. Carragher said: “It was almost an out-of-body thing but you can’t ever behave like that, it’s unacceptable.

A moment of madness for four or five seconds. No matter what the circumstances you can’t ever behave like that. My biggest regret is for the 14-year-old girl to be caught in the middle of it. That devastates me more than anything. I’ve got a daughter exactly the same age and I can’t say how I’d react if someone did that to her.

Sky said Carragher’s actions were “well below the standards we expect of our people”.

Carragher said in the interview: “If someone had done what I had done on the pitch I would vilify them.”

The former England man has not offered his resignation and was asked a number of times whether he thought he should keep his job.

“It is not my decision,” he said, becoming clearly emotional when speaking about his own teenage daughter

There is no doubt what I have done is disgusting. I apologise for it and am getting vilified — and rightly so.

“I am speaking to people at Sky and working at the best way forward. They have made it be known they are very disappointed and I understand that. I have brought shame on the name of Sky.

“Hopefully I can show people over these next days and weeks the real me and hopefully a moment of madness will not cloud their judgment.

“What I would hope, not just for Sky, but for the public who have known me in the public eye for almost 25 years since I was playing, is five seconds of madness would not take over everything.

“All I can do now is apologise. Hopefully they accept that and I’d like to apologise again. There is not a lot I can add except improving my actions.”

Carragher’s fellow Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville said this was an “isolated incident” and hoped the former Liverpool man would be able to continue in his role.

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