Ancelotti keen to emulate Fergie’s stint

CHELSEA manager Carlo Ancelotti has revealed he wants to emulate Alex Ferguson’s longevity at Manchester United and manage the Blues for over 20 years.

The Italian said he would consider coaching England, but he said he sees his long-term future with Chelsea.

The 51-year-old joined the West London club from AC Milan at the start of last season, and won the Premier League and FA Cup in his first campaign.

Since Chelsea’s glory years came around after owner Roman Abramovich took over, Jose Mourinho has been the club’s longest serving manager with just over three years at the club.

Ancelotti however admitted he wanted to be in charge a lot longer, hoping to match Ferguson’s 24 years, and counting, at the helm.

But he did not rule out the possibility of one day following in the footsteps of fellow Italian, and his former coach at Milan, Fabio Capello.

“Why not?’’ he said when asked about managing England.

“But not now, right now my aim is I want to stay the same time that Ferguson stayed at Manchester United.

“After that, I can think about the national team.

“I’m serious, in 24 years I will be 75 years old but I don’t know if I’ll be able to manage the national team then.’’

Ancelotti also hit out against media intrusion into the lives of Premier League footballers.

Ancelotti said he is not concerned with his players off-field activities.

“I’m not interested in their private lives when it’s not involving our job. The media is too intrusive.”

A number of Chelsea players have been in the media spotlight in the past year, most notably defenders Ashley Cole and John Terry.

The Chelsea boss has defended his team captain, Terry, and said that as long as events off the pitch do not affect performances on it, then he is happy.

He said: “I’m not interested in the private life of my players. John Terry was able to keep his private problem outside the training ground and for this reason he stayed captain.’’

Ancelotti also revealed that his icy relationship with Mourinho has thawed to the extent where they are now the best of friends.

“He was very kind when I won the Premier League. He sent me a message and now our relationship is different. We met in Geneva last week and had a good time together, and now he is a friend and things have changed.’’


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