League of Ireland clubs to benefit from Uefa prize money increases

League of Ireland teams will see their reward for European participation go up following yesterday’s announcement from Uefa.

Cork City are set to benefit from the increase in prize money offered from Uefa

The changes announced by Uefa will mean Cork City will receive a minimum of €800,000 for participating in this year’s Champions League first qualifying round.

The first qualifying round draw takes place in Nyon on June 19.

Reaching the group stage of the Champions League would be worth at least €15.25m, while a group stage win would be worth €2.7m and €900,000 for a draw.

Reaching the Europa League group stage would be worth €2.95m.

Cork will get €280,000 for entering into the Champions League first round. A win would see them receive a further €260,000. If defeated they will enter the second round of Europa League qualifying, earning a further €260,000.

If they fail to make the Europa League group stage, they will receive a further €260,000 solidarity payment, guaranteeing at least €800,000 for the Leesiders.

Ireland’s Europa League qualifiers — Dundalk, Shamrock Rovers, and Derry — will enter at the first round stage of Europa League qualifying, and receive a guaranteed €240,000 each.

A win would bring in a further €260,000 to each club in prize money, guaranteeing at least €500,000 for reaching the second round.

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