Angry Fans

OUR football correspondent LIAM MACKEY is back in top form and full of energy.

He casts his eye over your comments and gives his own critical analysis of the goings on throughout the world of football. You may agrewith him or then again you may not. This week Alan Green a typical Scouser; Munich chants don’t represent Pool fans; RTÉ's George Hamilton was terrible; Pool want to win league on goal difference but Robbie Keane could haunt them yet; O’Neill will never be a top manager; Toon fans out of tune; Mike Riley and his five minutes injury time; Luton return from the dead; City will never win anything with Dunne/Onuoha partnership.
The Letter of the Week goes to Brendan Foran, West Cork. Get in touch with your postal address and our magnificent prize will be winging its way to you.

LAST Monday’s Champions page 3 (March 30) was just another typical outburst from the ultra Liverpool fan Alan Green. If he wasn't going to feel nostalgic about Brian Clough, well don't speak ill of a man who not around to defend himself. A typical Scouse attitude to bring up Clough's newspaper accusation about the Liverpool fans' behaviour at Hillsborough. 20 years on we still hear about Hillsborough - while a tragic disaster, trying to blame everyone but the Liverpool fans is now getting tiresome. Was it the police who broke down the gates and forced their way into the ground? No it was the fans. While police were blamed for their lack of organisation, what they were guilty of was to treat Liverpool fans as normal, when as said last week they had form from four years earlier at Heysel. While I have no love of Manchester United I would love to see them win the title to equal the Scousers. Being a Forest fan I know how ungracious Liverpool fans are as they still are bitter about our two European Cup wins. So maybe that is the real reason why Alan Green doesn't want to feel nostalgic about the great Clough.

From Brendan, a Forest fan, by email

OUR SHOUT: Any chance at all that we could have the kind of club rivalry which doesn't require the deaths of 96 people being used as a football?

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