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OUR football correspondent LIAM MACKEY is back in top form and full of energy.

He casts his eye over your comments and gives his own critical analysis of the goings on throughout the world of football. You may agrewith him or then again you may not.

This week soccer’s primitive rules; Domenech against replay; Boumsong giving advice; Allardyce wife confiscates mobile; Goal celebration was the best; Injury disastrous; James earning brownie points; Fergie should sit in the stand more often; Collison star of the future; City and draw syndrome; Super Derby Day; Worth waiting for; Cole a good swap for Gallas; Utd v Leeds in FA Cup.

The Letter of the Week goes to Sean ó Cinnéide, West Cork. Get in touch with your postal address and our magnificent prize will be winging its way to you before you know it. MY name is Ger Coppinger. I’m 28 years of age, I have watched and played soccer most of my life. I tore my anterior cruciate ligament four years ago and I can now only fulfil my obsession with soccer by watching it from my couch.

It is not anger I feel about the way our country has been denied a fair chance to play in the World Cup - it is sheer depression. I have completely fallen out of love with the game. Last weekend was the first time in so far as I can remember I didn’t see a Premiership game or check the results.

It is beyond me that the most watched sport in the world can have such primitive rules and regulations. It is too late for FIFA to change the rules now. They had a shady reputation before this incident but I think now they have lost all credibility.

I don’t blame Thierry Henry. You don’t think in a split second, you react. The way the game is run turns honest people like Henry into dishonest people while taking part in it. I firmly believe if you asked him now he’d say the same as me, that he has also fallen out of love with the game because of the person it has made him become.

Ger Coppinger, by email

OUR SHOUT: As they say, I feel your pain Ger but, seriously, when was the game ever played wholly in the Corinthian spirit? If it was, there'd be no need for referees at all. There may indeed be more ducking and diving these days but then there are also far more television cameras to pick it up. The most sensible, obvious and very best thing the authorities could do would be to make the same technology available to the match officials - but then I've practically gone bleu dans le visage saying that. If you'll pardon my French.


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