Sheridan departs Royals to work in US

Joe Sheridan has dramatically decided to leave the Meath panel after securing employment in the US.

The Seneschalstown man played what could be his last ever game for the Royals in yesterday’s Allianz Division 2 defeat to Galway.

Sheridan appeared as a first-half substitute in Pearse Stadium and scored Meath’s only goal of the game in the dying minutes, a score almost as hotly disputed as his infamous one in the 2010 Leinster final against Louth.

The 27-year-old will fly out to the US today as he embarks on a new life which has seen him secure a construction job.

It believed Sheridan’s decision is more of a lifestyle one as he had already picked up a job here.

Meath chairman Barney Allen said the county was disappointed to lose such a talented player.

“Of course, there’s disappointment but that’s the way things are. Lads are looking for work and if that means getting jobs wherever they can.

“We did our best for him and we did manage to get him a job but he has a commitment over there now.”

Speaking last November, Sheridan told TV3 he had been turned down in job interviews because of his football commitments.

“It’s more of a liability now,” he said of being an inter-county footballer. “I know I had a couple of interviews and spoke to a few people about jobs and they said ‘with the football you’re going to miss a lot of work so I don’t think we’ll be able to give you the job’.

“Fifteen years ago maybe, they would have loved to have them (inter-county players) in to get that type of a profile but now with the way things have gone you see how many lads are out of work, which is scary.”

Sheridan, an All Star nominee in 2009, previously left the panel in 2007 after losing confidence before returning the following season.

Meanwhile, Donegal selector Rory Gallagher has picked up a four-week suspension for abusive language towards a referee and a linesman in their March 4 win over Cork.


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