New camera in focus

SIX Nations fans were left in a spin when the BBC used a pioneering new camera to cover the action during the England v Wales game. The corporation received complaints from viewers who were unhappy with the camerawork during Saturday’s rugby match, when England beat Wales by 30-17 at Twickenham.

The BBC said it received 169 complaints following its use of the SpiderCam technology to cover the game. Responding to the complaints on its website, the BBC said: “We always seek to innovate and stretch the boundaries of our coverage and on the first weekend of the Six Nations we were using a new camera during the England v Wales fixture.

“While SpiderCam provides magnificent images and a unique overhead perspective of the action, we also are conscious of the importance of giving viewers a clear and familiar picture of what’s happening.

“As this is a new technology we welcome and take on board feedback from our viewers.”

The BBC is planning to use the camera again for the England v Ireland fixture on February 27.


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