Back-door system for new-look Senior Cup

MUNSTER Schools took a significant step yesterday in changing the format of their premier competition, the Senior Cup, by introducing a new system that awards each college at least two chances.

The Senior Cup will enter its 100th year in 2009 but the new back-door system received a significant backing at yesterday’s Munster Schools Committee AGM in Limerick.

Following a vote, the participating colleges decided to move away from the age-old tradition of a straight knock-out format towards an innovative back-door arrangement for schools that lose in the first round.

The straight knock-out competition was generally considered to be unfair to those students who put in five to six months preparation only to see their season ended after just 70 minutes.

Tony Smith, Chairman of Munster Schools, said schools have taken a significant but important step as the Senior Cup comes in line with the Junior Cup format.

“It was a huge decision to change the Junior Cup for the 2006 campaign,” said Smith, “but to go and change the Senior Cup is an even bigger one. The motion was passed by a significant majority. To think also that we are bringing in this huge change 100 years after the first Senior Cup campaign is indeed significant too.”

The draw for the 2009 Munster Schools Senior and Junior Cups were also made. Teams cannot meet a second time until the final. Senior Cup champions, Castletroy College, face Rockwell College in their first round quarter-final clash with the winners playing the losers of the CBC/St Munchin’s match in quarter-final, round two.

PBC face Ard Scoil Rís while the winners of the B School competition must meet Crescent Comprehensive.

In the Junior, champions Castletroy face Ard Scoil Rís while the tie of the round is the clash between old foes St Munchin’s and PBC.

2009 Avonmore Munster Schools Senior Cup draw:

Quarter final Round 1:

Match A: Rockwell v Castletroy

Match B: CBC v St Munchin’s

Match C: PBC v Ard Scoil Ris

Match D: B School v Crescent College Comprehensive

Quarter-final Round 2:

Match 1: Winners A v Losers B

Match 2: Winners B v Losers C

Match 3:Winners C v Losers D

Match 4: Winners D v Losers A


1 v 3, 2v 4

2009 Avonmore Munster Schools Junior Cup:

Round 1

Match A: B School v Rockwell

Match B: Crescent College v CBC

Match C: Castletroy College v Ard Scoil Ris

Match D: St Munchin’s v PBC

Round 2

Match 1: Winners A v Losers B

Match 2: Winners B v Losers C

Match 3: Winners C v Losers D

Match 4: Winners D v Losers A

Semi-finals:1 v 3, 2 v 4.


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