Stirling Moss tips 'bloody quick racing driver' Lewis Hamilton to claim fourth F1 title

Lewis Hamilton “is not stupid” and does not need to change his hectic lifestyle in order to get his championship challenge back on track, Stirling Moss has claimed.

Moss, the 86-year-old motor racing legend, who once confessed to celebrating his 16 grands prix victories by “chasing crumpet”, also hailed Formula One as the “most exciting it has ever been” and insisted Hamilton can still claim his fourth championship this season.

Hamilton’s frantic lifestyle away from the circuit show no signs of slowing down. 

Indeed the Briton courted criticism earlier this month for uploading a number of videos from a Miami nightclub in which he appeared to be smoking a shisha pipe and drinking tequila from a bottle.

Naturally, cynics have suggested that his focus is no longer on the job in hand. But Moss, speaking on the eve of the Monaco Grand Prix - a race he won on three occasions - launched a staunch defence of his much younger compatriot.

Asked if Hamilton can maintain this hectic lifestyle, Moss replied: “Quite frankly, I think so. 

“There is no doubt Lewis is one of the fastest drivers out there and I think his lifestyle is up to him.

“He is not a stupid man, he’s just a bloody quick racing driver.”

Each of Moss’ three victories in Monaco touched the three-hour mark. 

“In contrast, Sunday’s race, the sixth of the championship, will be concluded in less than two hours.

“When I won this race in 1961 it took me two and three quarter hours, so, they’ve got a pretty soft touch,” Moss added with a smile.

“They are all very, very fit, and now, you’re really unlucky if the car lets you down. It used to be, maybe you’ll win, maybe you won’t, (you were) dependent on the reliability of the car, but that’s all change now.”


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