Ryan rules after last shot win at Killumney

RAYMOND RYAN won the Munster U18 final at Killumney, defeating the reigning champion and current world youth Dutch Moors champion Killian Kingston in the last shot.

Conditions were made difficult by steady rain, but that did not dampen Ryan’s capacity to bowl with conviction and confidence.

He just shaded the opening shots, but increased his lead with a low, fast second bowl. Kingston delivered a great third shot to the passage. Ryan’s reply was off to the right. He only beat the tip by 40m with his fourth to fall almost a bowl behind.

Kingston kept the lead close to a bowl with his good fourth shot. He increased the pressure with a good fifth shot, but Ryan beat it comprehensively with a great sixth throw.

Kingston’s next was too tight on the left and he missed Ryan’s tip by 50m and he never led again. He followed with a good bowl past the cul-de-sac but it fell left. Ryan’s bowl looked tight on the left too, but it rose onto the road and increased his odds to 60m.

Kingston then played a great bowl to the next bend and cut the lead to five metres. He lost his gains with his next towards the forestry entrance. Ryan punished him with a great bowl to just short of Connie’s corner. Kingston hit back with a great 10th shot to the point of the bend, which Ryan beat with his reply to clean light.

Kingston’s next bowl blew left off the uneven surface and Ryan increased his lead to 60m with a good reply. Kingston beat that tip by just 40m with his 12th. Ryan turned the screws with a good bowl to the palms to get within reach of the line in another shot. Kingston needed a sensational last bowl, but his good effort missed the line. Ryan beat it by 80m with last throw.

John O’Sullivan’s impressive form continued in his two bowls of odds win over Jason Butler in the Munster U16 final at Dunderrow. Butler won the opening shot, but after that he could not stay with O’Sullivan.

O’Sullivan raised a bowl with his third shot and followed with a fantastic fourth bowl to go almost two in front. He made a mistake with his fifth though and the lead was back to a bowl. That didn’t affect his focus though and he increased his odds to two bowls over the next three shots. He made light at the double bends in 11and scored the line in 12.

Lisa Hegarty beat defending champion Laura Creedon by a bowl in the Girls U16 Munster final at Togher Cross. Creedon made an impressive opening in which she led all the early shots to go well over a bowl in front after nine throws. Hegarty turned the score with a sensational bowl to Kealkil Cross which put her in front for the first time. She was over the bridge in three more where she was over a bowl in front.

She increased her lead to almost two bowls in another two shots. Creedon got a brilliant bowl to the garage, which Hegarty just beat by seven metres in two to hold her bowl of odds. She continued to hold the upper hand and finished in five more to book a place in the All-Ireland final with Ulster’s Sinead Cullen.

Brian Wilmot booked his place in the Munster Junior A final with a surprisingly one-sided win over Brendan O’Neill at Caheragh. He got four record bowls from Lisangle Cross to the tunnel.

He just edged the first shots, but was 30m fore after three through Lisangle cross. O’Neill just beat that tip to concede almost a bowl. Wilmot raised a bowl with his fifth onto the flat and beat a big sixth from O’Neill to the bridge to hold the bowl.

He increased his lead with a great bowl past the new house and raised a second bowl with a sensational shot to the tunnel. He increased his odds to Sheily’s and raised a third bowl with another brilliant bowl to the novice line.

Carmel Ryan reached the John Lowney Munster Senior Final when she beat Maria Noonan by a bowl at Whitechurch. Noonan won the first two shots, but Ryan led after a great third and was never headed again. A brilliant sixth gave her almost a bowl and she edged within five metres of that target after 10 to Boula Lane.

She raised the bowl with her next, but Noonan knocked it at the following tip. They battled over that lead up the straight, but Ryan raised it again at the top of the straight. She held it to the farmhouse and past the line.

Eamon Bowen beat Aidan Murphy in the last shot of the clash of the world champions in the Mick Barry Cup at Ballincurrig. They were level after six each through the no-play line. Bowen took over from there and as almost a bowl in front at the big corner. He held that lead to the sycamores. He missed light in two more and was less than a metre fore for the last shot. He beat Murphy’s last shot comfortably.

Gavin Twohig will meet David Murphy in the Jerry Desmond Cup final. He beat Donal Riordan by a bowl in the semi-final at the Pike. Riordan raised a bowl with his opening shot to the end of the footpath. He held that in three more to White’s Cross and onto Dreaper’s in four more. Twohig took his first lead after three great shots from there and beat the line in four more to win by a bowl.


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