O’Driscoll edges out Bohane in decider

PATRICK O’DRISCOLL won the Mother Hegarty Cup final at Lyre on Sunday where he beat Michael Bohane in the last shot of an exciting contest.

He won the opening shot by five metres, but Bohane got a great second to the end of the soccer pitch to lead by 50 metres. O’Driscoll got a poor shot to the forestry, but Bohane only beat that tip by 60 metres. O’Driscoll closed the gap with his next and he regained the lead with his fifth to the height. Bohane won the next exchange with his bowl to Crowley’s house.

O’Driscoll followed with a great bowl to the farm entrance and was back in front.

He tightened his grip with his next shots to light at the last bend. Bohane got a good rub with his next and suddenly found himself back in the score when O’Driscoll’s bowl hit McCarthy’s wall. Bohane hit the same point to forfeit a full shot of odds. He closed the gap marginally with his next shot, but really got back into it in the next two to leave just 40 metres between them facing the line. He lost momentum when his last drifted left and just beat the line. O’Driscoll had an easy enough tip to beat, which he accomplished with just 40 metres to spare.

Maria Noonan won the Gretta Cormican Cup at Bweeng on Sunday beating Catriona Hubbard by almost a bowl. Noonan opened with a very short bowl, but Hubbard just beat the tip and missed a chance to take an early lead. Noonan punished her with a good bowl to the first bend, which Hubbard narrowly missed. The score was still tight after five and they both made the ‘Tinny House’ in two more. Noonan then got a huge shot to Buckley’s to raise a bowl.

She held that lead for the next series of shots, but she made a mistake at the big lawn and Hubbard closed the gap. She raised the bowl again on the long straight and eased clear towards the line. It was all over for Hubbard after she got a poor shot at the forestry.

Killian Kingston bowled well at Donoughmore to secure a place in the Sean Scanlon Cup semi-final at the expense of Mark Burke. Burke won the opening shot, but had to play second best for the rest of the score. Kingston got three massive shots from Ring’s corner to the start of the straight to go a bowl in front and he covered the straight in three more to raise a second bowl.

Christy Mullins was in spectacular form at Kilcrohane where he beat Gavin Twohig by three bowls of odds. He opened with a brilliant bowl to the ‘Priest’s Height’ and followed with an equally good bowl the Burn House to raise a full bowl of odds. He was relentless from there to ‘The Gullies’ where he had three bowls of odds with three shots to go.

Brian Wilmot beat Jerry Gibbons by almost a bowl at the same venue. He got the better of the early exchanges to go almost a bowl in front at ‘The Gullies’. Gibbons fought back strongly to level at Murphy’s, but Wilmot increased the pressure again and won by almost a bowl.

David O’Mahony bowled impressively at Fisher’s Cross where he beat Ger Fitzpatrick by a bowl in the Jerry Desmond Cup. He got a great bowl from the bottom of the hill to the bungalow and followed up with two more good shots to Footman’s cross where he was a bowl in front.

Fitzpatrick matched him from there but could not close the gap.

Sean Murphy had an easier than expected win over Declan O’Donovan at the Marsh Road. The early exchanges were close, but Murphy needed a rub with his sixth shot to the silvery gate to keep him in contention. He followed that with two good bowls to light at the steps, while O’Donovan was off the mark, taking four shots and falling two bowls behind. Murphy got another great bowl from the steps to extend his lead to three bowls.

Brian Donovan beat David Hubbard and Arthur McDonagh in a three-way tie at Jagoes Mills.

All three were level after three shots to light at the first bend. They were still together after two more to O’Brien’s bend, where O’Donovan led by just 10 metres. He increased his odds to the stones, but lost most of it through a poor shot to Lawton’s. He turned the tide again with a great bowl towards the power station, taking advantage of poor throws from both Hubbard and McDonagh to go almost a bowl in front.

He held that lead with his next past the power station. Hubbard then got a great bowl to put him back in the frame, while a blocked bowl left McDonagh off the pace. Hubbard continued to press to the last shot and McDonagh finished well too to close the gap. Hubbard’s chance evaporated when he missed the line, handing victory to O’Donovan. He beat McDonagh in a play-off for second. McDonagh beat Donovan in the last shot of a return score.


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