Murphy proves too good for Coppinger in McGarry Cup feature

On Sunday, David Murphy beat Martin Coppinger by almost a bowl in the Denis McGarry Cup semi-final at Whitechurch, the feature score of a packed weekend that included four tournament finals and several cup ties.

Lyre club, near Clonakilty, has won the bid to host the first All-Ireland series of 2015, featuring the men’s intermediate and the senior women’s finals.

At Whitechurch, Coppinger shaded the first two to the pump. He increased his odds with a brilliant bowl to the top of the hill. Murphy responded with a massive bowl over the hill and down to the wall. Coppinger missed that well. Murphy won the next by 60m and Coppinger made a mistake with his following throw to concede almost a bowl. Murphy held that past Boula lane and onto the straight, Coppinger cut the odds levelling with a massive bowl to sight at the top of the straight. Murphy did better in the shots past the farm and when Coppinger missed the Devil’s bend, he went almost a bowl in front again. Coppinger challenged well in the shots to sight at the last straight.

Murphy’s poor shot onto the last straight was called. His second attempt was brilliant and ran to the speed limit sign. Coppinger beat that by just 10 metres. Murphy went close to the line with his next and although Coppinger beat the line, it was not enough to trouble Murphy.

Mick Hurley beat Johnny Murphy by a bowl in the Tony O’Connell Cup final at Pouladuff. Murphy won the first shot. Hurley led well with his second, but Murphy was back in front after four. He increased his lead with his next two. Hurley cut the odds to just 20m with a big shot to Tiger’s and regained the lead with his next.

Murphy then got a huge bowl to the top of the rise before Corcoran’s bridge. Hurley missed that well, but he followed with a great bowl to sight at the bridge, which Murphy missed. Murphy’s next was poor and Hurley punished him with great bowl to the airport gate to lead by 70m. He killed off the contest with his next two.

Jimmy Cowhig won the David O’Brien Cup final at Reenascreena where he beat David Shannon by almost a bowl. Shannon won the first shot. His form dipped in his next three and Cowhig raised a bowl. Shannon fought back with a great bowl through the cross and regained the lead after two more to O’Sullivan’s. Cowhig turned the tide immediately and was 60m fore after the next three shots. Shannon cut the odds to 40m at the Novice D line. Cowhig rose above that with a brilliant second last towards the line that ensured him victory.

Dinny Nyhan bowled well to beat Paul Kingston in the last shot of the Béal na mBláth final. Kingston won each of the first five shots to the bend before Shorten’s cross. Nyhan got a super bowl to the cross, which Kingston missed. Kingston just beat the cross with his next and Nyhan pushed a bowl clear to Long’s lane.

Kingston played a good bowl to Twohig’s farm to knock the bowl. Nyhan beat the tip well with his next. Kingston followed with two more good bowls to cut the lead to 30m for the last shot. He beat the line with a brilliant last shot, but Nyhan replied with a better one and beat it well. Darren Santry beat Noel O’Regan by two bowls in the Pike final. O’Regan won the first tip by 30m. Santry won his first lead after his third to Cooke’s. It was deadlocked after they both reached White’s cross in three more.

Santry got the better shot from the cross to take a 40m lead. O’Regan just made the point of the hill with next. Santry hit back with a super shot to the bridge that put him a bowl clear. His next was not as good, but he picked it up again to lead by almost two at Dreaper’s. He held that lead in the following shots and O’Regan conceded with two to go.

Edmond Sexton beat Gary Daly by three bowls in the Mother Hegarty Cup at Lyre. He was a bowl clear after two tremendous shots to the forestry. He raised a second bowl after two more past the tunnel. He had well over two bowls after three more to peeping sight at Crowley’s bend. He followed with another huge bowl towards McCarthy’s bend to go over three clear.

David O’Mahony beat Jimmy O’Driscoll in the last shot in the Champy Deasy Cup at Grange. He raised a bowl with a great first past Barry’s. O’Driscoll knocked the bowl with his third and was level after five more to the school cross. They were still level after three more to de Barra’s. O’Mahony got a great bowl towards Holland’s, which O’Driscoll missed by a distance.

O’Driscoll clipped that lead to a metre by making clear sight at the stud farm in two more. He missed the line with his last throw though and O’Mahony beat it well.

At Conna, Mark Kennefick and Aidan Sexton shared a win each with Sean Twomey and Tadhg O’Driscoll. At Whitechurch, Donal Riordan beat PJ Cooney by a bowl.


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