Magical Thomas Mackle claims All-Ireland double

Thomas Mackle won his first All-Ireland senior bowling final with a solid performance against Killian Kingston at Lyre yesterday.

It completed a great double for the Armagh family as his sister Siobhán won the women’s intermediate final. Munster won four titles, and Ulster three. Munster’s David Shannon gave the most polished performance of the weekend in Saturday’s Junior B final.

In the senior final Mackle led all the way after a great opening bowl towards Harte’s. He reached the creamery with his second and when Kingston’s third hit a pot hole it left a bowl between them. Mackle pushed it close to two bowls with a super third to the school cross.

Kingston played a great sixth to sight. Mackle limited the impact by reaching O’Donovan’s pillars with his fifth. Kingston had the lead just under a bowl after two more up the Mason’s hill. Mackle restored the bowl in the next to the layby and pushed clear in the next two onto the straight.

Kingston then got a super shot towards the pub to bring the lead back to a bowl. He was wide with his next, but Mackle was too tight with his reply and hit the wall and missed the tip.

Mackle recovered with a super shot past Cullinane’s. Kingston lost momentum by playing his too tight left and missed the tip by 100m. He reduced the odds with a great bowl to the soccer pitch. There was just a bowl between them after the next shots. Kingston then played a great bowl into the forestry. Mackle beat this by 150m, which effectively won the score.

Kingston knocked the bowl with his second last. Mackle missed the line to give Kingston the slightest of chances. He didn’t hit his shot well though and missed Mackle’s tip to leave a bowl between them again.

David Shannon gave a really top class performance in Saturday’s Junior B win over Mark Kiernan.

Neither player got a good first shot and Kiernan won the second towards Harte’s. Shannon then played a brilliant bowl to just short of the school, which Kiernan missed by 50m. Shannon had almost a bowl after two more good throws to the school cross and he raised it with his next.

After two more great bowls to the top of the mason’s hill he was two bowls clear. He followed with three more huge shots to the pub where he was three bowls clear.

Jimmy Collins beat Joe Shortt in the Veteran final. He won the first shot, but Shortt took the second with a great bowl to Harte’s. Collins led at the school and got the better of great shots to the school cross. Shortt took over up the Mason’s hill and was well clear facing up to the pub. Collins cut the odds with a big shot to the pub.

Shortt lost control with a short bowl from the pub, though he held the lead in the next two shots. Shortt then missed the line and Collins beat the line well with a great bowl.

Siobhán Mackle beat Bernadette Murphy in the intermediate final. She set the pace from the off, making sight from the pub in four to lead by a bowl. She raced two clear down the Mason’s hill, but Murphy had it back to a bowl at the school.

Murphy kept it at a bowl to Harte’s, but Mackle closed with two massive shots to win by two.

Ruairí Hughes beat Conor Creedon in the boys U16. He went a bowl clear after two to the creamery. It was still a bowl at the school cross. He held that up the Mason’s hill.

Creedon brought the lead well under a bowl past the nooks. He ate into the lead in the next two towards the pub. He played a good bowl past Cullinane’s but it was well short of the line. Hughes beat the line with a great bowl.

Darragh Dempsey retained his U12 crown in an easy win over Cathal Maguire. He got three brilliant bowls to peeping sight at the nooks which put him two shots clear. He was at the layby in five to put the contest out of reach.

Hannah Sexton beat Leah Grimley by two bowls in the girls U16 final. She led the early exchanges. Grimley got two great bowls down the Mason’s hill to hit the front. Sexton regained the lead to the school cross and pushed on strongly to the line.


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