Last shot win for Buckley in Barry Cup

JAMES Buckley beat James O’Donovan in the last shot of a sensational Mick Barry Cup final at Ballincurrig on Sunday.

O’Donovan won the first shot well after Buckley’s bowl slashed left at the mill gate. He increased his lead with a good second to the black sign. Buckley got a good third towards Geary’s and when O’Donovan played his bowl onto the old road they were level. They both made O’Sullivan’s with their fourth shots where O’Donovan had ten metres odds.

Buckley got a brilliant fifth past the no-play line, but O’Donovan matched it. Buckley took his first lead off the line, but O’Donovan went ahead with a brilliant bowl onto the straight. They both missed light with their next, but they made light at the big corner in two more where Buckley was back in front.

O’Donovan got the better of two good bowls to the top of the long straight. Buckley’s next came back off the white line and just made the sycamores. O’Donovan beat it well with a good reply. Buckley then got a brilliant bowl short of light at the last bend to retake the lead. O’Donovan was too tight with his second last and Buckley beat it by 30m.

O’Donovan beat the line with his 15th throw, but it was too tight on the left and gave Buckley an easy tip to beat. He beat it comfortably to claim his place in next month’s Hurley’s of Midleton King of the Roads.

Thomas Mackle gave a powerful exhibition of bowling in the Mother Hegarty Cup final at Lyre where he beat Killian Kingston and Wayne Calnan. He opened with two good shots. Calnan had a poor first, but made up for it with a great second to the end of the soccer pitch to draw level with both Kingston and Mackle. Calnan beat the forestry entrance with a good third shot. Kingston beat that tip, but Mackle still led.

Calnan got a poor fourth shot to the right and Kingston’s was off target too and hopped the fence. Mackle hit them with a sensational bowl which went away over the height. Kingston missed that by 60m with his next to fall a bowl behind and Calnan beat it by ten metres.

Mackle had light at Crowley’s in four more against nine each for his opponents. Kingston got a great bowl to the second bend to gain a bowl on Calnan, but Mackle followed it to keep almost a bowl on Kingston and extend his lead to two on Calnan. The lead changed little to the wall, where all three hit the same point to leave Mackle leading by one bowl on Kingston and two on Calnan.

Mackle wrapped it up in the next two shots to leave Kingston and Calnan fighting for second. Calnan knocked the bowl in the run in and was just ten metres behind facing the line. He missed the line with his next shot, but Kingston missed that tip. Kingston finished with a great bowl to the forge cross, which Calnan missed.

Thade Murphy is Munster Vintage (O60) champion following victory over Fachtna Keane and Denis Collins at Shannonvale on Saturday. Collins started well and won the first eight shots. Murphy then pushed ahead. Keane played a great tenth bowl from the pillars but just missed light at Desmond’s cross. Both Murphy and Collins went out in ten to share a lead of a bowl of odds. Keane got two brilliant bowls past Kearney’s lane where he has 70m on Murphy. Collins took four to cover the same road and fell two bowls behind and conceded. Murphy picked up the pace with three good bowls to light. Keane missed light in three and was almost a bowl down after his next. Murphy kept the momentum to the line and won by a bowl.

Catriona Hubbard beat Denise Murphy by almost a bowl in the semi-final of the Gretta Cormican Cup at Gortroe to set up an all North Cork final against Maria Noonan at Bweeng.


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