Killian Kingston the Munster senior bowling champion

Killian Kingston is Munster senior bowling champion following a tremendously exciting contest with Edmond Sexton at Lyre yesterday.

Kingston took an early lead and looked to be in control.

Sexton then stormed back with four massive bowls in succession to lead with two to go. As the life seemed to be ebbing from his drive for the title Kingston regained the lead with a good second last.

He closed it out with a good last bowl in a nerve shattering finish.

Kingston won the first shot well and went on to take a commanding lead after three to the school cross.

He was shy of full light there though and it gave Sexton a foothold for the next series of shots. Kingston kept his lead close to a bowl to the foot of the mason’s hill, but when Sexton got a great rub with his bowl up the rise he looked to have levelled.

Kingston kept up the pressure with a good bowl to the cottage. Sexton’s reply was too speedy and it didn’t turn.

Kingston then got a massive run with his bowl to the nook. It hopped the low fence and ran through a freshly cut meadow to put him almost a bowl clear. He followed with an incredible tenth shot to just short of the pub. That raised a bowl and Sexton’s challenge looked over.

There was still a bare bowl between them after good bowls past the pub. Sexton followed with a brilliant bowl to the soccer pitch, which Kingston beat by a metre.

Sexton then got an incredible bowl to the rocks. Kingston missed that well, but he followed with a super shot onto the last straight, which looked to have steadied the ship.

Sexton replied with a scintillating bowl tight on the right.

Kingston missed that by 20m. Sexton had scaled Everest.

Sexton increased his odds with his next towards the tunnel. To Kingston’s credit he then played a great bowl that narrowly missed the line. Sexton had a small chance of the line, but missed Kingston’s tip by less than a metre. Sexton played his last bowl right and Kingston beat it comfortably.

Kingston will play Thomas Mackle in the All-Ireland final on July 10th. Mackle beat Cathal Toal by almost two bowls in the Ulster final at Tullysaran yesterday.

He had almost a bowl after his first, but Toal led at the chapel.

Toal made a mistake at Mary Ann’s to let Mackle back into it, but he was still 30m fore at the Orange Hall.

He made two mistakes from there and Mackle romped home.



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