Gavin Twohig claims All-Ireland in Armagh

Gavin Twohig bowled impressively to win the All-Ireland intermediate title at Madden, Co. Armagh, yesterday.

It completed a great weekend for Munster, who won four of six titles. Kelly Mallon created history for Ulster, by completing the first three-in-a-row when winning her sixth senior women’s title.

In the intermediate final, Twohig conceded the first to Colm Rafferty, but led from there to the finish. He was 80m clear after three. He gained a big advantage when his bowl rubbed to sight from the bus shelter. He had almost a bowl after a great sixth to the pipe corner and raised it with his next to Barrett’s.

A nice rub to the school put Rafferty back in contention. Twohig missed this by 60m and then missed sight. Rafferty made sight with his 10th. Twohig’s 10th rubbed the wall, but hit a wall to leave him just 70m fore. Rafferty hit a wall, too, with his next. Twohig went past the graveyard with his 11th, but Rafferty stayed in touch by opening the bend well in 12.

Twohig countered with another big bowl. Rafferty missed that and hit a wall with his next. Twohig punished him with a great bowl to sight, at the back wall, to raise a second bowl. He held that in two more to the horse hole. Twohig played another big one and Rafferty conceded.

Kelly Mallon beat Geraldine Daly in a dramatic last shot in the senior women’s final. Daly led by 50m after four, but Mallon levelled after six. They both missed the pipe corner in seven. The lead was contested to the houses, where Daly had nosed in front. Daly then got three sensational bowls to light at McIlvenna’s wall, which put her a bowl and 15m clear facing the line.

She got a poor shot from there to give Mallon a sniff. She seized that with an extraordinary bowl past the line and up the rise. Daly agonisingly missed that in two.

Peter Nagle beat Mark Toal in the last shot of the Junior A. He got four great shots to lead by a bowl, which he held to the school. Toal got a great bowl to sight at the village, but Nagle beat it by 40m. Toal got a super 13th past the graveyard to knock the bowl.

Nagle missed sight at the back wall and Toal went out. Nagle regained almost a bowl with a brilliant shot to sight at McIlvenna’s. His next was unlucky and the lead was down to 50m. He got a good rub with his second last to stay 20m fore and beat Toal’s last by 10m.

Darragh Kiely had a heroic win over Eoin Hughes in the U18 final. He killed off a massive performance from Hughes, with three super closing shots. He opened the last bend with the first to lead and scorched past the line in two more.

Maria Nagle started brilliantly against Aoife Traynor in the girls’ U18 final. She raised a bowl after five to the school. She found it hard to master the road, as Traynor fought back to win the lead. Nagle’s speed counted, as she got a great rub with her last.

Patrick Carr opened the Armagh account with a comprehensive win over Eoin O’Donovan in the U14 final. He was almost a bowl clear after four. O’Donovan cut the odds with a great eighth to Barrett’s. Carr countered with a great bowl to sight at the pipe corner and when O’Donovan’s next was blocked, the contest was out of reach


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