European medalists cut down to size in Munster

Kings of Europe cut down to size in Munster.

David and Aidan Murphy went from ruling Europe to exiting the Munster senior championship in just two weeks.

Séamus Sexton beat European and All-Ireland champion David Murphy at Carraig na bhFear on Sunday and his brother Edmond Sexton beat European silver medallist Aidan Murphy at Terelton on Saturday.

Murphy’s magnificent display at Oostmarsum carried no weight at Carraig na bhFear where the tone was set by Séamus Sexton, who got a super opening shot to the black gate.

Murphy just beat it in two. Sexton’s second made full sight at the doctor’s and put him a bowl clear. He was past Daunt’s in four where he was edging towards a second bowl. He was just shy of the line at the creamery in six.

Murphy played a massive bowl from Fitzgerald’s to the creamery to clip the lead to a bare bowl. He followed with another huge bowl towards the top of the hill.

Sexton missed that but kept the lead close to a bowl. He got a great bowl past the novice line, but Murphy beat it.

Sexton then missed sight at the next bend. Murphy’s reply was too far left and didn’t go to full sight either. Sexton was short of Crowley’s cross with his next and again Murphy didn’t take advantage. Sexton then missed sight at Crowley’s farm and when Murphy missed too he lost his last real chance. Sexton completed the most sensational win of 2016 in the remaining throws.

Edmond Sexton’s win over Aidan Murphy was closer to the form book. He won the opening shot by 80m and had almost a bowl after three to Cronin’s. He had well over a bowl after a great sixth. He was still over a bowl in front after nine to the garage.

Murphy closed the gap when he countered Sexton’s poor 11th with a great shot. Sexton steadied things by beating that tip to hold his bowl of odds. He then beat another good throw from Murphy to keep his odds. After 16 he had a lead of almost two bowls and Murphy conceded.

Thomas Mackle advanced to the Ulster semi-final when he beat James Oliver by almost two bowls at Tullysaran.

At the chapel Oliver was in front. Mackle’s bowl to the point road hopped the kerb, but Oliver’s had the same fate.

Mackle led to Mary Ann’s. He then got two brilliant bowls to the farmhouse to stretch his lead to a bowl. He extended that to almost two bowls to the finish. In the Ulster semi-finals Mackle plays Bryan O’Reilly and Martin Toal plays Cathal Toal.

In the Munster Junior B championship David Shannon beat Shane Lotty by over a bowl at Newcestown. They missed Allen’s lane in two. They reached Desmond’s lane in six and Collins’ in nine.

Shannon reached O’Brien’s cross in two more against three for Lotty. He was out the last bend in another three.

John Butler beat Colin O’Donovan in the last shot at Kildee. They were level after four to McCarthy’s bend and they reached boreen-na-parach in seven.

Butler hit a bad patch and O’Donovan led by a bowl at the stickeen. He held that to the novice line. He then got two poor shots. Butler snatched the lead with his second last and his last rubbed to beat O’Donovan.

In the Ulster Junior B at Madden Darren Donnelly beat Philip Corrigan, Mark Toal beat Odhran Rafferty and Seán O’Reilly beat Pete Carr.

Anthony Gould plays Peter Nagle in the Cork City Junior A final following his last shot win over Thomas Boyle at Templemichael.

Boyle led from the the opening tip and had 70m odds at Sarsfield’s Court cross. Gould levelled with two good throws past the green. He led at the bend. He was well clear after a great shot past the novice line and finished strongly.

Timmy McDonagh raised a bowl on Michael Murphy in the first shot of the North-East semi-final at Doneraile. Murphy rallied, but McDonagh put it out of reach with strong play to the castle to go two bowls clear.

In the Veteran (Junior) championship Jimmy Collins beat Éamon Bowen in the Munster first round at Newcestown. He led by over a bowl but Bowen levelled. It swung back to Collins when Bowen missed O’Brien’s cross. Collins then got two great bowls to the last bend.

Dan O’Halloran beat John Shorten in the last shot of the Mid-Cork final. He got a sensational first shot but didn’t build on it.

Shorten was level at Foley’s. O’Halloran powered clear to raise a bowl at the GAA field. Shorten rallied and took it to a last shot. He closed with a super bowl, which O’Halloran beat by 10m.

Pat Callanan beat Kieran O’Driscoll and Donal O’Donovan in the South-West final at Lyre. He had a bowl on both after a great third. He reached Crowley’s bend in eight to lead O’Driscoll by a bowl and O’Donovan by two. He raised another bowl on both to McCarthy’s bend.

Mick Hurley played a record last shot at Ballincurrig to beat Billy McAuliffe in the Moss Twomey Shield final. McAuliffe just missed the big corner in nine where he led by a bowl.

A slip to the sycamores left Hurley back into it.


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