Edmond Sexton reels in James O’Donovan to edge close-fought battle at Ardcahan

Edmond Sexton beat James O’Donovan by a bowl at Ardcahan.

He shaded the first three shots. O’Donovan was right with his fourth, but it beat O’Farrell’s. Sexton went left with his reply and missed the tip by 40m. Sexton responded with a perfectly played bowl towards the grotto, but O’Donovan followed and beat it by five metres. O’Donovan held the lead after the next exchange.

Sexton just missed Burns’ corner with a good seventh. O’Donovan opened the bend, but his shot was called. His next attempt was not as good, but he still had a 20m lead. They both caught the right side with their next shots, with O’Donovan holding a 40m lead. Sexton followed with a great bowl, but O’Donovan lofted a fantastic reply and made sight at the following bend.

The score turned when Sexton’s next bowl rubbed the right and was directed to sight. O’Donovan lofted and missed sight, but was called. He failed to open it with his second effort. He was now facing a bowl of odds as he could only beat Sexton’s tip by 30m with his next. Sexton played very tight left with his next, but it survived and opened the last bend. O’Donovan missed that by 50m to concede a bowl of odds.

Sexton then played a poor shot and O’Donovan had the odds back to 50m at O’Mahony’s. O’Donovan’s next bowl drifted right and Sexton hit back with a great bowl to the bridge to open a significant lead. O’Donovan beat that by just ten metres. Sexton beat the line in two more to win by a bowl.

Killian Kingston reached the semi-final of the Paddy Barry Cup at Rosscarbery, when his opponent Éamon Bowen conceded after just three throws. Kingston won each of those shots to McCarthy’s lane. Bowen pulled a calf muscle delivering his third and was unable to continue.

Dan O’Halloran reached the Ballinacurra Junior A semi-final with a comfortable win over Brendan O’Neill.

O’Neill took the first tip by 30m with a good bowl. O’Halloran countered with a great second bowl that cushed the left kerb and made the factory. O’Neill missed that well, but regained the lead instantly with a big bowl to Brinny cross. He increased his odds with his next to the church.

O’Halloran got the better of the shots to Foley’s and increased his lead in the next two to the muddy gap. He then put serious distance between them with a huge bowl to the end of Perrott’s sheds. O’Neill hit the wall to concede a bowl of odds. He only beat O’Halloran’s tip with his next to trail by almost two bowls.

Another big shot to the bridge from O’Halloran put him two bowls clear. After O’Halloran got a poor shot at Powell’s the lead was under two bowls. He gave O’Neill a few chances to get closer. Having survived that dip he produced a brilliant bowl past Cronin’s which took his lead over two bowls again.

Micheál O’Sullivan beat Colin Kingston in an excellent contest in dismal weather at Reenascreena. He started strongly and pushed a bowl clear after seven. Kingston fought back and won the lead after five more to Frankie’s lane. It was on a knife edge till O’Sullivan got a brilliant second last, which gave him the leeway for victory.

Dónal O’Donovan will contest the Dan Coomey Cup final at Grange following his bowl of odds win over Jeremiah Fitzpatrick. He had 10m odds after making the end of the wall with his first. He increased his lead with a great second to White’s wall. He reached Hodnett’s farm in two more to raise a bowl of odds. They made the school cross in three more.

O’Donovan held his bowl to the old school. Fitzpatrick then got a super shot up the hill and brought the lead well under a bowl. O’Donovan’s next made de Barra’s. Fitzpatrick still had a chance, but he cut his bowl too tight left and missed O’Donovan’s tip. That ended his challenge.

Jimmy O’Driscoll beat Denis Murphy by two bowls at Lyre. He was a bowl clear after three past the forestry gate. He was over the tunnel in two more and opened Crowley’s in another three to go two bowls clear. It was just under two bowls at McCarthy’s bend, but O’Driscoll raised the second bowl again with his shot to the wall.

Vincent Kiely survived a brilliant late rally from David O’Mahony at Grenagh. He led all the way. He was well clear at the playing fields and had a bowl after eight. He held that lead to Boula lane. O’Mahony got a big bowl to the cross which cut Kiely’s lead to just 60m. He then opened the last bend, but Kiely got a vital rub to hold a good lead. O’Mahony beat the line with a great last shot, but Kiely beat it well.

Thomas Boyle beat Denis Wilmot in the last shot at Béal na mBláth. He led all the early shots, but Wilmot rallied to lead with his third last. Boyle regained the lead with his second last. Wilmot closed with a big bowl, but Boyle beat it by 20m.


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