Donncha O’Brien masters elements and rival Jerry Gibbons

Donncha O’Brien was brilliant at Durrus where he beat Jerry Gibbons by almost a bowl in torrential rain in the West Cork Junior A championship.

Gibbons just shaded the opening shots from Ross’s corner towards the bridge. O’Brien got a brilliant second past the novice line to take a 70m lead. He followed with a smashing third shot into the bend that ran to Ward’s cross and gave him a 50m lead. He consolidated his lead with his next to the middle of the wire.

Gibbons was tight left with his next but it ran on by the bog. O’Brien beat that well with another great shot towards ‘Annie Florrie’s’, clipping though both bends. Gibbons missed that to concede a bowl of odds. O’Brien held his bowl of odds to the cattle grids and onto Daly’s. Gibbons got a brilliant bowl past Blair’s Cove, but O’Brien beat it.

He was still a bowl in front at the top of the hill facing down to the line. Gibbons got a super shot through Coolcoulaghta cross that went past the finish line and ran onto the normal junior line.

O’Brien just missed the line with his reply, but he had enough in hand for victory.

Cathal Toal beat Eugene Kiernan in the last shot of the Bill Hillock Cup final at Knappagh.

He had to give a bowl start to Kiernan, which he wiped out with a big fourth to the planting corner. He lost ground again though before fighting back to level at Donnelly’s cross.

Kiernan followed with two brilliant bowls to Farley’s, while it took Toal four to leave him almost two behind.

He cut the lead to a bowl at the Minister’s. Kiernan let his lead slip by taking three more to the Condy corner. Kiernan missed the line from there, but Toal just beat his tip. Kiernan hit back with a big last bowl, but Toal beat it well.

Francis Oliver beat Seán Donnelly and Shane Feighan in the Northern Builders final. Donnelly was top seed, having to concede a bowl to Feighan and two to Oliver.

Oliver started well and had a bowl on the other two at the plum trees. Donnelly got two brilliant shots from the top of the hill to Farley’s to level with Oliver. Feighan fell off the pace from there.

Oliver matched Donnelly in an exciting finish and gained important odds with a big second last. Donnelly just beat the line with his last and Oliver beat it well.

John Shorten beat Noel O’Donovan in the last shot in the Mid-Cork Junior A championship at Templemartin.

O’Donovan opened with a near record bowl towards Desmond’s lane which Shorten took two to beat.

He was at Slyne’s corner in three more where he had pushed his lead to well over a bowl. He kept that lead by beating Shorten’s good bowl through the bend.

Shorten then got three great bowls in succession. He cut the lead to just 40m with the first towards the end of the straight and he was in front after two more to the end of Collins’ wall. He kept a good lead in the shots to the schoolhouse cross. O’Donovan regained the lead after two more to the stonefield bend.

From there conditions deteriorated dramatically such that the road was flooded when they reached the monument, where O’Donovan was still in front.

Shorten got a good bowl to the hollow, while it took O’Donovan two. O’Donovan then got a great bowl through the deepest of the water and cut Shorten’s lead. There was just 20m between them at the pub, but Shorten held on to win the last exchange.

Denis O’Driscoll had a big win over Peter Murray in the West Cork Junior A championship at Derrinasafa.

They were level after four to the bridge. O’Driscoll raised a bowl with a huge shot up the straight. Murray knocked the bowl in the shots to Ross’ and it was still under a bowl at the high hedge.

Murray missed the the Darkwood turn and O’Driscoll went out to make it a bowl of odds again. He increased his lead with a great bowl towards Walsh’s lane and was two in front at Grady’s.

Emma Hickey had a comfortable win over Maria Nagle in the women’s intermediate championship at Caheragh.

Hickey was the dominant player from the off. She was 30m fore after three to the soccer pitch. She increased her lead to the bridge and raised a bowl with her next.

She had close to two bowls at Reenroe cross. She consolidated her lead from there and had well over two bowls before the line.

Lydia Sexton gained her second win in the last shot against Ciara Buckley at Templemichael.

Buckley was 40m clear after four shots and was still in front after six to the start of the straight. Sexton took her first lead with her next. Buckley regained the lead after two more to Sarsfield’s Court cross.

She had a big lead facing the last bend. She won the shots around the bend and increased her lead for the last shot.

Sexton closed with a good bowl. Buckley played her reply to the right and missed it by five metres.


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