Coppinger powers to All-Ireland title win

MARTIN COPPINGER won the Murphy’s Stout All-Ireland senior bowling final with a breathtaking display of power bowling against Ulster’s Eddie Carr at Sally’s Cross, Kanturk yesterday.

Carr edged the first two shots to the Magpie House, but Coppinger won the third and controlled the score to the finish. After his good fourth shot he had the odds close to a bowl and he held that lead with his fifth to the show field. His sixth bowl was very tight on the left but it rubbed to Gardiner’s pool to keep his lead just under a bowl.

They both played exceptional bowls on the straight, with Coppinger finally raising the bowl with his eighth to the Cooleen. Carr got a good 10th shot to Sally’s Cross, but Coppinger beat it well with his bowl to the green door. He went out the cornfield bend in two more to push his lead to almost two bowls He made the Creaghleen in 12 to take his lead well over two bowls at which point Carr conceded.

Ulster players won three of the four titles on offer on Saturday. Lisa Hegarty’s win in the Girls U16 being Munster’s only win. The spoils were shared yesterday morning with Raymond Ryan winning the U18 for Munster and Elaine McGrady the Intermediate women for Ulster.

Raymond Ryan gave a polished performance in his win over Mick O’Neill in the U18 final. He won the first tip by 80m with a good shot past the Magpie House and was never in trouble. He quickly extended his lead towards a bowl of odds, which he raised after six to the start of the straight. He was almost two in front after eight past Pulleen passage.

O’Neill cut the odds with a huge bowl to Sally’s Cross. Ryan picked up the pace again and extended his lead to almost two after 12 to the Creaghleen. He took poor play with his next on the left, which ensured that O’Neill was able to save the second bowl

Elaine McGrady had only one fore bowl against Rose Twohig in the intermediate final. Twohig opened with a great bowl to take the first tip by 40m. She held that lead for the next two and raised a bowl with a good fourth to the Creaghleen. McGrady knocked the bowl with her eighth to the cornfield bend. She cut the lead to 30m at the ESB, but then played a poor shot down the hill.

Twohig punished her with a brilliant 10th to the green door. McGrady’s 11th was even better though and went to Sally’s Cross. Despite this Twohig pushed the lead back towards a bowl after two more onto the straight. McGrady then played two great shots to the garage and when Twohig got a poor second last they were level. McGrady beat the line with a great last shot, which Twohig missed by 30m.

Pat Mallon continued his magnificent record against Cork players when he beat Mick Young in the last shot of a very exciting Veteran final to collect his eighth All-Ireland title. He beat Young’s good opening shot by 90m with a sensational bowl. He gradually increased his lead to the Creaghleen, but Young cut the odds with two good bowls to light at the cornfield bend.

Mallon got a good bowl to the ESB gate to raise a bowl. Young knocked it with a great bowl to Sally’s Cross, but Mallon raised it again with his next onto the straight. Young then closed the gap to Breen’s well. Mallon played his bowl on the centre of the road and missed the line.

Young snatched his chance with a brilliant last shot down the tarmac on the left, which left Mallon with a big tip to beat. Mallon played his reply perfectly and it rubbed kindly to comprehensively beat Young’s last tip.

Seamus McKee had an easier than expected win over Billy Dalton in the Junior B final. He played his opening shot into the tarmac track, which gave him an immediate advantage as Dalton played the very rough left side. He had a bowl of odds after two throws and had almost two bowls after his next to the watchmaker’s.

Dalton kept the lead under two bowls for the next four shots, but McKee raised it with his good eighth on the straight. He consolidated his lead by beating Dalton’s good bowl to Sally’s cross. Dalton continued to challenge, but McKee raised a third bowl at the Creaghleen and the score was effectively over.

Ethan Rafferty easily beat John O’Sullivan in the Boys U16 final. He was almost a bowl in front after four to Sally’s Cross. He raised a bowl with his next. O’Sullivan knocked it at the cornfield bend, but Rafferty raised it again at the Creaghleen. From there Rafferty pushed the lead towards two.

Lisa Hegarty led from start to finish in the Girls U16 final.

She won the opening tip by 20m and shaded all the shots to the cornfield bend. She burst clear with five great bowls in succession. She was almost three bowls in front at Sally’s cross and continued to extend her lead to the line.


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