VIDEO: Swing4Cancer challenge to tee off

Three golfers will be putt under pressure as they race against the clock to complete the ‘Swing4Cancer’ challenge to raise funds for Breast Cancer Ireland.

Friends Michael Sheehan, DJ Geaney and Eoin Landers will battle against the clock to play a hole in 32 different golf courses in every county in Ireland in the space of just 40 hours on June 19 and 20.

Deloitte will be scoring partner associate for the event and the Irish Examiner are acting as media partners.

Swing4Cancer was launched today at Castlemartyr Golf Club.

The lads will have just 21 minutes to complete each hole and will have to drive 1836 kilometres around the county.

Let’s hope they don’t get teed off with one another on the journey.

The guys will be dressed in pink clothing supplied by Dwyer & Co, and drive a pink Renault Captur from Kearys.

DJ Geaney’s mother Nora passed away in 2011 after a lengthy battle with breast cancer. She was a keen golfer and was heavily involved in Castleisland Golf Club.

VIDEO: Swing4Cancer challenge to tee off

This fundraising campaign is the lads' way of remembering Nora while at the same time raising funds for a worthy charity.

VIDEO: Swing4Cancer challenge to tee off

Michael Sheehan confirmed the lads were bringing two pairs of pants in case they get a hole in one and said: “We are delighted to be able to raise funds for such a worthy charity in Breast Cancer Ireland.

“This initiative has touched one of us personally and we wanted to do something to help fundraise. Hopefully people will support us en route around the country and donate.”

The 'Pink Swingers' willl fuel themsleves with 36 Mars ‘pars’, 15 prepacked ‘club’ sandwiches each day as well as drink 45 bottles of energy drink.

Follow their efforts on Twitter @swing4cancer or use the hashtag #swing4cancer.

VIDEO: Swing4Cancer challenge to tee off

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