Seve Ballesterous to undergo third operation after brain haemorrhage

GOLF legend Seve Ballesteros will undergo a third operation today after suffering a brain haemorrhage in hospital.

The five-time major winner requires life-saving surgery after yesterday’s devastating setback.

Seve, 51, is seriously ill in intensive care after two operations in the past fortnight.

The first was an attempt to remove a brain tumour and the second to reduce a swelling on the brain, known as a cerebral oedema.

Today, surgeons will operate on the haemorrhage and the swelling as well as attempting to remove the rest of the tumour.

Madrid’s La Paz hospital released a statement which said: “The patient Severiano Ballesteros is still in a serious but stable condition and will be subjected to new surgery on Friday.

“That operation will act on the oedema and the intracerebral haematoma that have occurred recently and will expand on the removal of the remains of the tumour.

“That tumour, after a histological study, has been classified as oligoastocitoma (which affects astrocytes and oligodendrocytes, cells that cover and protect the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord).

“It is located in an area that requires a very thorough approach of great complexity.”

Seve, a three-time British Open champion, collapsed at Madrid’s Barajas Airport at the start of the month and later confirmed he had a brain tumour.

Surgeons attempted to remove the tumour during an eight-hour operation on Tuesday, October 14.

But he was rushed back into the operating room for a second life-saving operation 48 hours later after suffering brain swelling.

Doctors removed part of his skull to allow the swelling room to expand in a controversial procedure known as a decompressive craniectomy.

The swelling occurs when excess water accumulates in the brain and can destroy nerves and cause fatal bleeding of the brain.

The medics are thought to have opted to carry out the second operation after failing to reduce the swelling with more orthodox measures, such as steroids.

Seve, who retired from competitive golf last year, had been showing signs of improvement and had been allowed to come round from his sedation briefly on Monday.

But yesterday afternoon the hospital confirmed he had suffered a further setback with the brain haemorrhage.

Ballesteros, the youngest Master’s Champion in history and a leading member of victorious Ryder Cup teams, has been plagued by health problems in recent years.

Last summer he was forced to deny a suicide attempt amid reports he had been rushed to hospital after overdosing on pills following the death of girlfriend Fatima Galarza in a car crash.

The Spaniard spent a night in hospital in the nearby city of Santander.

Relatives later insisted he had suffered a heart scare and been diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat.

He has also suffered problems with his spine.

Medics have yet to say if Seve’s tumour is cancerous.


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