Will somebody give this Cork footballer a car?

Getting to know Daniel Goulding.

Q: Which professional athlete would you swap lives with?

A: I love the NFL so Cam Newton — Carolina Panthers, talented quarterback, loaded, and seems to be a funny man as well.

Q: Are you a Netflix/Box Office binger? Recommendations?

A: Netflix binger — Narcos and Making a Murderer were the last two I watched. House of Cards would be my favourite though.

Q: Technology you can’t live without?

A: My phone: seems to be an extension of my hand at this stage.

Q: Team-mate you’d have in your corner in tag-team MMA?

A: Barry O’Driscoll — loves a good wrestle and is as strong as an ox. I’d take care of the boxing #bambam

Q: The worst book/movie you forced yourself to read/watch all the way through?

A: Les Miserables, fell asleep in the cinema halfway through it.

Q: Favourite GAA pundit or commentator?

A: Cyril Farrell — great man for a funny quote: “It’s like throwing nuts at monkeys.”

Q: First sporting hero?

A: Ryan Giggs — big United fan growing up, even had the wallpaper, curtains, and duvet.


Q: Your last meal before training and first food afterwards?

A: Something light before training like Greek yoghurt, fruit, and granola. After training usually, meat, veg, and rice. A protein shake to recover as well. Might have a sneaky chocolate milk if training was very hard.

Q: When did you last wear the county tracksuit top angling for a freebie?

A: I’d chance going into car dealerships around Cork every so often. Funny, all these years and no one has picked up the hints.

Q: What’s the one rule change you’d like brought in?

A: Two points for a score from play outside the 45m and I’d bring in the mark for kickouts.

Q: On Tinder, how soon do you let slip you’re a countyman?

A: Not on Tinder — wasn’t around when I was single!

Q: Best nickname among your team-mates?

A: Donncha O’Connor — The Meerkat

Q: Five tracks for ideal dressing room/training run playlist?

A: Mackelmore — Downtown, Gala — Freed from Desire, Springsteen — The Rising, Kernkraft 400 — Zombie Nation, Eminem — Till I Collapse.


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