Walsh hits back at ‘unbalanced’ O’Hara and RTÉ

Kevin Walsh has vehemently objected to Eamonn O’Hara’s criticism and insisted he was in no position to take him to task after removing himself from the panel.

The Galway native condemned The Sunday Game for allowing the former Sligo player to air his grievances with Walsh’s management after the newly-appointed pundit recently announced his inter-county retirement.

Walsh was also speaking to RTÉ where he took great umbrage at O’Hara’s comments and claims such as the unfounded one suggesting he was waiting for the Roscommon position before agreeing to stay on with Sligo.

“The Sunday Game was very unfair,” said Walsh. “I felt it was very unbalanced in its presentation of the issues that did arise from Sligo in the London game.

“I felt The Sunday Game itself failed to comply with the obligations that are on RTÉ as a public service broadcasting company to adhere to the highest standards of balance in broadcasting.

“On top of that, there were certain allegations made that have no basis in fact. In fact, they were allowed to be made without challenge or debate.

“This is and has been of great disappointment to me. Eamonn is entitled to his opinion as an analyst. However, representing the Sligo management, we don’t agree with the opinions that he expressed and we certainly don’t accept them as being valid.”

Walsh further claimed it was O’Hara’s own decision not to remain on with the Sligo panel.

O’Hara stated he had stepped away after being informed by Walsh throughout the year that he was sticking with the players who made themselves available in November, a requirement O’Hara, 37, felt was “crazy” at his age.

“He made his own decision not to continue with the Sligo senior football team for this year,” stated Walsh. “This obviously is his right but as a course of the consequences he’s not in a position to comment with authority about internal matters in the panel or to its management.

“The management in any county panel are entitled to review a panel based on performance, form and the emergence of any new or potential talent.

“It’s an essential right of any management to change a panel in accordance with their judgement as to what is in the best interests of a county team.”


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